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Man Sacrifices Himself To Save Daughter On Train Tracks

Sunday October 11, 2015    5:46 PM
A man in Chattanooga, Tennessee was killed after being struck by a train while saving his daughter who had become stuck on the track. WRCB's Michelle Heron reports.

Family members say 31-year-old Justin McCary was looking for rocks with his daughter and niece along the tracks on this bridge on Martha Avenue in East Ridge.

Around 2 Thursday afternoon, they heard the train coming. His niece got away but his 10-year-old daughter couldn't after her foot became stuck in one of the tracks.

McCary was able to get her free but only had enough time to push his daughter over the bridge to keep her from being struck, allowing himself to be fatally struck instead.

Family members say the 10-year-old suffered a broken pelvis and internal bleeding from the 15 foot fall to the water below. She underwent surgery Wednesday evening and is expected to be okay.

"I think that any of us would have done the same thing. Our hearts go out to them. It's just sad that something like this had to happen," Donna Edwards said.

Neighbors like Edwards are still in shock and say that this is the second incident to happen on these tracks in just three months.

In July, a train hit a box truck that was parked on tracks. Police later discovered it was stolen.

Edwards says that crash destroyed the walkways along the bridge.

"It pushed the whole guardrail from the walkway, across the trestle. It pushed that whole guardrail down and so there weren't any safety barriers on that walkway," she added.

Despite this father's heroic actions to save his daughter, Edwards wonders if the accident could have been prevented.

For now, a family remembers a man dedicated to his wife and daughter.

Chattanooga police say the conductor of that train was questioned by investigators.

No charges have been filed at this time.

Chattanooga police are on the scene where two people were struck by a CSX train.

The call came in around 2 p.m. from 900 North Sanctuary Rd

Chattanooga and East Ridge Police are on scene.

Both victims were transported to a local hospital. Chattanooga Police are working with CSX Police on this ongoing investigation.

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