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3 Arrested in Alleged Killing of Tantra Yoga Teacher Who Was Found Fatally Shot on a California Hiki

BY CHRIS HARRIS AND TARA FOWLER | People Magazine Thursday October 8, 2015    9:51 AM
Three drifters have been taken into custody in connection with the death of a tantra yoga teacher, who was found shot to death on a California hiking trail.

Steve Carter, 67, was found dead Monday on the well-travelled hiking trial in the Loma Alta Open Space Preserve just north of Fairfax, California, the Marin County Sheriff's Office confirmed on Twitter.

Carter was walking his dog when he was gunned down in cold blood, according to an online post written by his wife, Lokita. His dog was also shot, and still hooked to a leash that was tightly secured around Carter's lifeless wrist. The canine survived the shooting, and is being treated by veterinarians.

"I am beyond devastated," Lokita writes online; she could not be reached Wednesday for comment. "His senseless and shocking death is incomprehensible to all of us, and this time is the most difficult."

Carter's online biography claims he has been teaching yoga for over a decade. In 1999, he and his wife, Lokita, founded the Ecstatic Living Institute in Middletown, California, where they provided tantric training sessions for couples.

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