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Oregon farmers boast 1,997-pound pumpkin

From Wednesday October 7, 2015    12:18 PM
Farmers broke Oregon records over the weekend at the Bauman Harvest Festival with the unveiling of a 1,997-pound pumpkin.

The pumpkin has earned the title for the largest pumpkin ever grown in Oregon, television station KPTV reported.

"It's a year's worth of work," said winning pumpkin grower Steve Daletis. "You think it just starts with a seed in April, but we spend all year tinkering with things."

Events of the festival also included the annual pumpkin drop, where pumpkins were dropped from more than 100 feet in the air onto a junk car or into a small swimming pool.

The giant pumpkins will be on display for the next several weeks at the Bauman Harvest Festival.

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