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Portland Man Says He's Running For President

by Jennifer Kennedy - The Oregon Herald Tuesday October 6, 2015    10:24 AM

My name is Ed Baker and I am a resident in Portland, Oregon. I am also a candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election. I was very disappointed by how our current President responded to the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College.

Our President should have acknowledged the event and given his condolences to the family members and loved ones of those who died or were wounded. He should have stated that the suspect was diseased. That should have been the end of it.

I am a believer in our Constitution, Rights and Freedom. I will never punish the good people of America who have done no wrong. I am a supporter of our Second Amendment and will defend the rights of Americans.

Ed Baker
2016 Presidential Candidate
Not a Member of any Political Party

Editor Response:

Mr. Ed Baker,

If you have an opinion, one lacking bias and it is not bigoted, then please state it clearly, in detail, and why.

It seems you're stating that Obama should not have talked about Gun Control when he did. Is that correct? It's not really too clear. How about his trip to Oregon on Friday?

Obama finally, at long last, found some passion. But hey, some people just don't much care for a liberal, or even a black man with an opinion. Some call it leadership and while some don't have great love of the man, they respect his willingness, and ability, finally, to get onto any bandwagon and take a chance.

So, how do editors deal with people like you? Yes, we can simply publish letters to the editor, and keep our respective mouths shut. But this time, and perhaps the only time, I'd like to see what you're really made of, see what you can do, bring you out of the woodwork, and hopefully do so more artfully than Trump, and do so like a leader.

Or not. I have plenty of other things to keep me busy.

The bottom line: If you want to be published, please take time to write clearly, completely, and comprehensibly and with passion, with reasons others can understand. On a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the best, my humble opinion of your submission here is in the single digits. My opinion is only good enough to get you published. The readers will decide the rest.

Your website:

On your Bio, WHY ME, seems you have not answered that question at all, "Why Me". Did I miss it, sorry if so, but still, "Why You", without the clichés please. From what I can tell, the question goes totally unanswered as so many political questions do. Your blog seems to have avoided any such answers or real positions. Honestly, and with all due respect, I find it difficult to take you seriously.

You can attempt to demonstrate how wrong I am but I prefer not to spend any additional time with you unless you reply with some passion and detail our readers can understand and appreciate. If this does not put any fire in your guts, nothing much will I'm afraid. Take it as an opportunity to show how much of a leader you are. God only knows we need leaders as the damn world continues to fall apart.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with Obama stating what he did. I applaud him for it. And his trip to Oregon is just fine. He is the president for Christ sakes! But that's my opinion and I don't often write about them. The point here is you. When you write, you seem far too timid or is it careful, to actually form or make an opinion, especially with any detail.

If you want to be published further, impress us with your reply and your style. Hell, my brother wanted to run for president but he's not old enough and he has an addiction too; Women. If your reply has value to our readers, I'll publish it too. My bet is that you'll cop out and not even reply, too concerned you won't be able to rise above 50%.

I'd really love to be shown how wrong I am.

This seems pretty fair to me.

Jennifer Kennedy
Assistant Editor
The Oregon Herald

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