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Oregon Cop’s Mass Murder Déjà Vu

by Michael Daly | Sunday October 4, 2015    11:44 AM
Most of us cannot imagine the horror of a school shooting. Roseburg Police Sgt. Joseph Kaney has now been confronted with such evil twice. A cop who reportedly exchanged fire with the gunman at Umpqua Community College had been the lead investigator after an earlier school shooting in the Oregon town of Roseburg.

Back in 2006, a 15-year-old who had taken a .50 caliber handgun from his stepfather’s nightstand had shot a 16-year-old named Joe Monti four times in the back at Roseburg High School. The victim survived. The gunman was charged with attempted murder and at trial the prosecution played a recorded interrogation in which he told Roseburg Police Sgt. Joseph Kaney that he and a 14-year-old had been interested in two girls who were both smitten with Monti.

"They follow him," the gunman was recorded telling Kaney. "When he’s there, we’re like nothing."

Nine years later, Kaney arrived at the scene of another school shooting, this at the community college. The gunman this time was 23, but he was not just targeting a particular individual who made him feel like nothing. This gunman wanted to feel like something and he had decided that to achieve it he had to shoot as many people as he could.

To that end, he had brought six of his 13 guns. He had already shot 18 people when he was confronted by two officers. The New York Daily News has identified 49-year-old Kaney as one of them.

When the shooting stopped, the gunman was dead. UCC has a particular significance for Kaney, as this is where his wife, Dayna, a mother of five, studied nursing. Alumni who had studied emergency first aid there included a number of the paramedics with Douglas County Fire District No. 2. Among them was firefighter Justin Anspach.

We can only hope that Anspach was not on duty Thursday morning and aboard the ambulances from District No. 2 that arrived at the shooting scene. The dead included Anspach’s 20-year-old son, Treven.

“Treven was a perfect son,” his parents later said.

Also beyond saving was 18-year-old Lucas Eibel, one of quadruplets who had been nicknamed ... [Full Story]

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