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SolarWorld Lands 65 MW Contract In Oregon

by Roy L Hales Saturday September 26, 2015    9:08 AM
This is a huge deal for a state that only has 100 megawatts of capacity. It is also important for high-efficiency, 72-cell solar panels.

"This portfolio represents a significant expansion of solar capacity in Oregon – a state that already boasts an impressive percentage of renewables in its energy mix thanks to hydro and wind, but one that has seen limited solar development to date," said Danny Van Clief, executive vice president, Coronal Development Services.

He added, "This is actually a portfolio of six projects that aggregate to 65 megawatts DC, 50 megawatts AC. Each project is 10 MW AC or smaller."

The press release specifically mentioned SolarWorld's "high-efficiency, 72-cell solar panels."

"Our technology is high-efficiency because the solar cells are produced based on advanced PERC (passivated emitter rear contact) cell technology, which boosts the output capacity of our panels, compared with other producers that do not manufacture using that technology. For PERC, we are the world volume leader," said Ben Santarris, Head of Corporate Communications for SolarWorld Americas Inc.

The portfolio is to be fulfilled in 2016.

The agreement was signed on SolarWorld America's 40th anniversary.

"Now we've got product in the field that's been in the field for over 40 years and it still produces the same amount of power today as it did 40 years ago," says a voice in the video above.

This was one of America's original solar companies and has gone through several changes of ownership before being acquired by the German company SolarWorld in 2006.

SolarWorld America is presently located at Hillsboro, about 20 miles west of Portland, Oregon.

It is the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar manufacturer, producing well over 1 gigawatts of cells annually. 

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