January 24 2020
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Oregon Trails Now Available In 360 Glory On Google Maps

by Jes Burns Tuesday September 15, 2015    9:31 AM
David Calahan (left) and Chandra LeGue (center) hike up a trail in Southern Oregon. LeGue is carrying the Google Trekker to photograph the sights.

Earlier this summer, EarthFix reporter Jes Burns took us on a walk in the Southern Oregon woods with Oregon Wild. The conservation group had been chosen by Google to use a backpack-mounted Trekker camera. The plan was to document trails on Bureau of Land Management lands that could be affected by upcoming changes to how the forests are managed.

Now, those trail maps are live and everyone can get a taste of what the forests have to offer for recreation and wildlife. Oregon Wild wants the 360-degree trail maps to inspire more people to get out in nature and enjoy their public lands… even if it's just a wee bit foggy.

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