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How A Caring Teen Ensured Cozy Bedtimes For 180 Foster Kids

Thursday September 10, 2015    2:32 PM
A high school senior's simple idea is making nighttime less lonely for dozens of foster kids in California's Central Valley.

17-year-old Conner Johnson decided to collect twin bed sheets for children in foster care — fun, colorful sheets sets, with stripes, superheroes and flowers, the kind that kids love. And in just over 7 weeks, he gathered $3,600 worth of bedding kindnesssmiling-police-officer-cc-PeterMartinHall

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Johnson was inspired by his mother, who has taken in eleven foster infants in the past four years, caring for them until they are placed with a family.

"It gave me a first-person view on their struggle, how the system works, what they go through," Conner Johnson told the Tracy Press. "I decided I wanted to do something."

The Tracy High School senior is giving the sheet sets to Case For Kids, a nonprofit that provides foster children with a personalized storage box filled with clothes, handmade blankets and toiletries whenever they are placed locally with a family.Boy studying on street Facebook

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The organization told Conner they can't always include sheets because they are so expensive, but they would make the kids feel more at home, like their bed is special. When the children leave the foster home, they'll take the sheets with them.

Johnson set up collection boxes at three local businesses. He then spread the word on social media, receiving donations by mail from strangers as far away as Nevada, Texas and Pennsylvania–surpassing his original goal of 100 sheet sets, gathering more than 180 for Conner's Sheets.

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