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Syrian Girl's Facebook Message Goes Viral

by Lloyd Gufferson - The Oregon Herald Sunday September 6, 2015    9:25 PM
I'M from Aleppo", her Facebook message begins.

"I live here with my brothers, dad and mom in the middle of all this destruction and madness. We've tried many times to think about escaping and leaving this hell but there is no safe way.

Nobody give us the pass and the protection right. I want to travel but the death and drowning way is not the road which I want to walk on. I don't want to face the same distination which happened to those kids who drown or became homeless on roads.

I want to have a good education, a health care and a safe life. These are not offered here. Nothing is here but death ..

Is there anybody hear me.

If you care about me . ! Can you please share my message with your friends.



I hear you my girl, loud and clear, I will do everything I can to bring the world attention . God be with you and your family. God bless Syria and all Syrian . Amen. Like · Reply · 4 hrs

Antar Soory we can not comment because it does not reflect the suspension of this case, but we will win someday very soon.

A time for us some day there`ll be when chains are torn by courge born of freedom syria that`s free A time

Nova Sri Utami God Bless for you and your family and than we All smile emoticon

Alejandra Heubach I'll be praying for you every night and day.Its my promise.

???? ????? Sorry .... nobady hear and nobady do any thing sorry but this is the fact. Like · Reply · 1 · 17 hrs

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