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Doomsday Scenario Says It's Too Late - We've Already Gone Over The Edge

by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald Tuesday September 1, 2015    12:32 PM
One lemming further from the cliff says, "Do you think we're in any danger?" The older lemming behind says, "Nah, Lemmings have stood in line like this for centuries, comes in cycles you know. Not to worry young feller," he said, pushing the other Lemming forward ...

At any given moment there are an estimated 5,000 commercial airplanes in the skies over the United States and more than 11,000 worldwide and that number increases every month. Their exhaust is poisoning our skies, our waters, fish, and our children and contributing vastly to global warming.

The only way to avoid the inevitable doom is to remove all aircraft from the skies, worldwide. And that's never going to happen. No one wants to state these facts to become the bearer of bad news, crying, "the sky is falling".

But the sky is falling and it's full of poison. Global Warming is a fact of which the Lemmings of our own world, will not and dare not admit.

Speaking of the threat of rising seas in Anchorage today, President Obama said, "On this issue - of all issues -there is such a thing as being too late," Obama said. "And that moment is almost upon us. We will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair." Senator Harry Reid introducing Obama today, said the president was "going to be remembered for a lot of things" including being the "leader who finally put the world on a path to stop climate change."

But they are speaking on deaf ears. I hate to say it but nothing much is going to change. Even the vision of God, filling half the sky with a booming voice stating, "clean it up my humans or you will surely die a horrible death along with the beautiful planet I created for you and all the other living beings upon it", would get things rolling for sure, for a few days, then it would be business as usual.

The Lemmings jump to lower ground and many survive to swim into the great lake below, unaway that the lake is a vast ocean. They drown, their tiny dead bodies populating distance shores months later.

But a few Lemmings have stayed behind, not sure of the folklore about the great lake. They live and populate again. But the urge to live in the past is greater than current knowledge and the Lemmings will relive the fate of their ancestors.

Okay, show me I'm wrong. I dare you. Bring it on. The problem is that eventually, there will be no one left to speak for earth. Only a far voyaging alien, centuries from now, will look upon the yellowish-brown planet and say, "They had their chance. So sad, so very sad."

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