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Oregon Wedding Featuring Marijuana Huge Success With Guests

Friday August 28, 2015    10:12 AM
For their marriage ceremony this summer, Oregon couple John Elledge and Whitney Alexander decided to augment the standard open bar with a "weed tent." The experience included transportation to and from the event and a budtender to help guests in need of a little guidance.

Because of Oregon Measure 91, the pot tent was completely legal, as long as the couple followed some basic rules, Mark Pettinger of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission said.

"On private property where no liquor license is involved, it is legal," Pettinger said, noting that "there cannot be bartenders and budtenders" at the same event.

"My fiance, John, has been in the medical marijuana industry in Oregon for years," Alexander told The Huffington Post, explaining the inspiration. "We were happy to give our guests, especially the ones from out of town, a unique experience."

Alexander added that she doesn't use alcohol or marijuana, and the couple took extra care to reduce the odds of other guests encountering any secondhand smoke.

"The tent was set well away from the rest of the reception, and facing away from the crowd to control where the smoke went," she said. "There were actually guests that had no idea it was there until after the fact."

Wedding planners Nora Sheils and Elizabeth Corr of Bridal Bliss said the novelty of the weed bar was a huge hit.

"We were worried that the tent might take away from the reception but it did the exact opposite," Sheils told HuffPost in an email. "Guests had a fun time and ended up dancing the night away, just like any other wedding."

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