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Dog with with terminal bone cancer travels to Oregon coast for wedding

Oregon State Media, Inc. Sunday August 23, 2015    11:08 AM

Manzanita, Oregon — The first trip to the coast 5-year-old Golden Retriever Dood will also be his last. This first and last trip will be to attend his owner's wedding,

Cassidy Williams, friend and owner of Dood, said Dood was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer on his skull in July.

Williams said she had plans to get married on Aug. 7 and that her dog Dood had planned to stay with family in Utah while she and her future husband got married on the Oregon Coast.

Because of Dood's diagnosis, they both decided to change her plans so the Dood could be with them at the wedding.

Williams' dad canceled his flight and drove Dood from Utah to Manzanita so he could be the ring bearer in the ceremony.

HAPPY ENDING: Cassidy Williams said the wedding was perfect and Dood got to see the ocean before the cancer takes him.

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