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4 Year-old Advertises to be Flower Girl and Lands a Wedding at Courthouse

Tuesday August 11, 2015    9:59 AM

A four-year-old girl made a wish and her mom devised a brilliant plan to make it come true. It would involve a fancy dress, a basket of flowers, and a sign that read: "Can I be your flower girl?"

Don't worry. Her mother didn't suggest she stand in the streets–not this clever parent.

Annabelle whispered her wish to Yoko Ono's "Wishing Tree" at the Smithsonian Institution's sculpture garden earlier this year. When her mother, Kim Earl, asked what it was, Annabelle told her it was to be a flower girl in a wedding.

The problem was that none of her parents' friends or relatives were planning weddings anytime soon, but Kim hit on an idea when the family got home to New York.

She took Annabelle to the City Clerk's office all dressed up with a basket of flowers and the sign volunteering the little girl's services for a quick wedding service.

About 20,000 people pay $25 for a no-frills wedding at the clerk's office every year, so Mom figured the odds were in their favor that someone would agree to help Annabelle out. They did — on just the second try — and Annabelle's wish came true.

Annabelle even got a slice of wedding cake afterwards.

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