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Argentinian Politician Breastfed In Parliament

Saturday July 25, 2015    9:53 AM

Argentinian legislator and human rights activist Victoria Donda Pérez attracted a lot of online attention after she breastfed her 8-month-old daughter Trilce during a parliamentary session earlier this month.

Infobae's Facebook post received over 3,700 likes and over 500 comments. While many praised the politician for showing how natural and normal it is to breastfeed, others pointed out she is one of a privileged few women who can breastfeed their babies while at work. The photo has since circulated across media sites in South America and beyond.

Donda Pérez became the youngest member of the Argentine National Congress when she assumed office in 2007. Her family has been the subject of much interest in Argentina, as she was the first known child of "disappeared" political prisoners to hold office. She was raised by a military family and only discovered her real parents' identities when she was in her 20s.

Donda Pérez has shared many photos of her daughter on social media. The baby has even joined her on the road to meet with constituents and fellow leaders.

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