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Sick Dog Found Covered In Matted Hair, Missing Part Of His Nose Gets Fresh Start

Sunday July 12, 2015    9:14 AM

Kansas City Animal Control found Harry, a neglected chow chow, chained in a backyard late last month and brought him to KC Pet Project, an animal shelter in Missouri, ABC News reported. The dog, who had been outside without food or water, was in terrible shape.

"We found a shocking five pounds of heavy, hardened and matted hair more than six inches thick covering his emaciated body," the staff at the shelter wrote on their Facebook page. "Even more disturbing, most of his nose is missing, consistent with a sharp cut from an unknown object."

The group immediately got to work and gave the pooch a complete makeover, shaving off the large amounts of hair over the course of two hours. Workers also got Harry some much-needed medical attention and of course, a little TLC. Since then, the recovering canine has been placed with a loving foster family.

"They're spoiling him with love, which is exactly what he needs and deserves," Tori Fugate, manager of marketing and development for KC Pet Project.

t's unclear how Harry's nose came to be injured, but that's not the only medical issue the pup came with. The rescue group discovered that he had fly strikes on his ears and scarred corneas from his eyelashes growing into his eyes. The group suspects that the pup, who is also heartworm positive, is mostly blind.

Fugate told The Huffington Post in an email that the pooch will visit the organization's veterinarians next week for a heartworm consultation. The vets will also put the dog on a treatment plan after he gains more weight, and Fugate says that the shelter is looking into finding an eye specialist for Harry's vision problems.

The organization is currently accepting donations for Harry's medical costs through its Roadrunner Fund, all of which will be matched by Petco, Fugate said.

Though there's a lot of work to be done, it's all for a pooch with a fun personality and incredible strength.

"We all fell hard for him while he was at the shelter," Fugate told ABC News. "And we're thrilled that he is now living comfortably in a home environment."

In regards to Harry's previous owner, complaints had been filed against the individual.

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