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Adorable Father-Daughter on a Kindness Spree for Their Birthdays

Saturday June 20, 2015    10:46 AM

This little girl is absolutely overjoyed. It's her birthday, and she's celebrating with her father, whose birthday is also coming up. But instead of receiving gifts, this British dynamic duo decided to combine their ages and pay the fun forward with 39 random acts of kindness.

Amélie and her father Lee Beck, spread their generosity on strangers by "granting wishes," writing letters of gratitude, and doling out adorably decorated pencils.

The father-daughter team compiled a list of possibilities and whittled it down based on their budget. Lee told the Good News Network the goal of remaining anonymous was foremost in their plans. Then, the two took to the streets.

"There are still quite a few people who don't know who did it, and that is quite exciting," Lee said in an email. "Hopefully the experience will stay with them. There are already people saying they will do something on their own special days!"

Amélie was over-the-moon excited to complete every single task.

"Overall, I was humbled by her understanding of our actions, and her non-judgemental attitude over the various people we helped. It was clear that she liked helping others, and that each person, animal or cause we helped was important in their own right, Lee said.

For the duo, the biggest surprise was just how much people loved making wishes; they left pennies for folks with a sign that read "Make a Wish" under their local "wishing bridge" and Amélie delighted in watching from afar.

They made their lovely video with the idea of inspiring others to do the same. For those who want to embark on their own kindness journey, the pair suggest starting with a few free and cheap acts, just one per day.

The family has since received many letters of thanks from people who discovered that the two were responsible for the 39 acts, even though initially they were done anonymously.

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