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Woman Aims To Sew 1,000 Dresses By Her 100th Birthday For Needy Kids, Soars Past Goal

Tuesday June 9, 2015    10:27 AM

As the saying goes, it's quality, not quantity that is important, but this amazing dressmaker demonstrates both.

Lillian Weber recently celebrated her 100th birthday by soaring past her goal of sewing 1,000 dresses for kids in need, FOX News reported.

Since 2011, the centenarian, who lives in Iowa, has been creating handmade garments for Little Dresses for Africa -- a Christian nonprofit that has sent more than 3 million dresses to young girls in 47 African countries and 31 other countries beyond, according to the organization's website.

Weber has made a new dress nearly every day, the Quad-City Times reported, starting in the morning and completing the garment that same afternoon. Last year, the dressmaker vowed to complete 1,000 garments by her May 6 birthday, and when she hit the century mark last month, Weber had made 1,051 dresses.

"She personalizes [all the dresses]," Weber's daughter, Linda, told WQAD-TV. "It's not like good enough that she makes the dresses, she has to put something on the front to make it look special, to give it her touch."

Weber was honored by Little Dresses for Africa at her birthday party with a plaque celebrating her tremendous achievement, FOX News reported. "There's no age limit to this. Somebody who's 100 years old still putting out this quality with such a positive and inspirational message, it's just been wonderful," Little Dresses for Africa founder, Rachel O'Neill, told the news outlet. "Lives are really saved because of these dresses."

Surrounded by her family and friends, Weber had some advice to stay inspired for a long-life. "Go to bed early, get up late," she said to FOX News. "And as for eating, it's whatever you enjoy."

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