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Little Girl Walked Barefoot Searching for Help After the Plane Crash In Which her Parents Died

Thursday May 28, 2015    8:00 PM

When the plane crash occurs, there are usually no survivors, no matter how big or small the plane is. However, this time, earlier this year, it was different.

When the small plane crashed to the ground in the US state of Kentucky, a girl named Sailor Gutzler survived. This brave little child walked barefoot for more than 1.6 km (almost a mile), and she knocked on the Larry Wilkins door. In the crash, she lost both of her parents, sister, and older cousin, and she walked away from the scene, searching for help.

When Larry Wilkins opened the door, he saw the girl standing there. Her legs were scratched badly, and her nose was bloody. She was crying, and it was more than obvious she just went through a disaster. She said she just lost her parents in the crash. The 71 year old man called the police, and Sailor showed them the direction where the plane crash occurred. Larry Wilkins added, the woods she went through is dense and dark. He thinks she followed the light from his home.

When police arrived, they went to the scene, found the plane and the bodies of Kimberly Gutzler, Marty Gutzler, Piper Gutzler, and Sierra Walder. The girl was transported to hospital, but fortunately, only had some minor injuries and was released on Saturday.

Photo: Sailor Gutzler
Photo 2: Sailor Gutzler
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