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Who is responsible for the death of Lexi Branson?

by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald Tuesday May 19, 2015    5:51 PM

The family of a girl mauled to death by a dog have described her as a "shining star in the sky" who will "never be forgotten".

4-year-old Lexi Branson died two years ago in a scene of pure horror after being bitten, no, butchered by her pet bulldog at home in Leicestershire, England.

Police said the bulldog, which is not a banned breed, died of stab wounds sustained during attempts to save Lexi.

I feel just horrible for Lexi, her life and all she could ever be, gone, but not so much for her parents. I read that the bulldog may have been frightened from fireworks. It makes little difference what prompted the attack. It happened. That's enough, enough that it could happen and who in their right mind would leave their lovely child with a potential killer?

The parents are responsible. They have to be. Were they willing to trade their daughter's life for a new dog, even though a bulldog is not a breed listed under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act? One cannot simply say they did not know. You'd have to live pretty much in solitude without hearing about the daily, no, hourly attacks by bulldog or pitbulls. Shame on the parents and shame on all of you who feel you just need a tough dog around to protect you, and forget your child.

Dog expert Ryan O'Meara said he believes compulsory training for all dog owners before they are allowed to keep a pet is the only way to stop fatal dog attacks.

He said educating potential owners about the dangers all dogs pose would help them understand what can make a dog become aggressive.

Others say don't bring a dog home that your child cannot possibly control in a dangerous situation. Period. Common sense.

Detective Superintendent David Sandall, who had overseen the police investigation into Lexi's death, has said there were no previous reports to police about dogs from Lexi's home before the tragic events unfolded.

He also confirmed that Lexi had been at home lunchtime because she had not been very well, so had not been to school.

Experts say that for every child mauled and killed by a dog, there are several hundred [Warning: gruesome images on this link!] more who will carry scars of the attack for the rest of their lives.

Photo: Lexi Branson, 4, died in a scene of pure horror after being bitten, no, butchered by her pet bulldog at home in Leicestershire, England.
Photo 2: Another child attacked by dog will have scars for the rest of her life.