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SUV Almost Hitting Children Getting On School Bus

Wednesday April 29, 2015    9:56 AM

Police are asking for help identifying a Washington state driver who narrowly avoided hitting children that were boarding a school bus.

Last Friday morning, three children in the city of Graham were on their way to school when an SUV barreled down the road between the kids and bus.

Parent Lisa Razo told King 5 News that her 5-year-old daughter felt the vehicle touch her foot as it bolted by.

"I looked up and the car passed by the kids and my heart almost dropped," Razo told the station.

Video shows that the white SUV never appeared to slow down. The bus had flashing lights on and its stop arm activated, the Bethel School District told KWWL.

Tacoma Pierce County Crimestoppers are looking for a white GMC Jimmy with tinted windows and a sunroof.

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