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Picasso Police Horse Paints in His Spare Time

Sunday April 19, 2015    10:16 AM

Well, this is a horse of a different color.

Jacob the police horse uses orange, greens, and blues to paint his abstract art while relaxing in a Florida pasture before his night job with the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Officer Jason Hughes, his trainer for six years, noticed how the horse, a mix of Percheron and thoroughbred, always liked to grab things with his mouth.

"I was like, "You know, I bet if I gave him a paint brush, and put a canvas in front of it, he'd paint on it,'" Hughes says in a video posted on the police department's YouTube page. "And, sure enough, he did. He took to it pretty easy."

Hughes thinks the paintings are actually pretty good. The cooperative activity–with Jason loading the brushes and Jacob swiping the paint across the canvas– helps build trust between the two. In the evening, the partners saddle up downtown for patrols through congested areas of the city.

Hughes has developed custom brushes that are easier for Jacob to hold with this teeth and after just a few months training, each canvas improves–paintings that Officer Hughes hopes be sell to raise money for charities.

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