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Hillary Clinton Far Ahead Of All Presidential Candidates

by Kent Masterson - The Oregon Herald Wednesday March 18, 2015    9:39 AM

Hillary Clinton has an overwhelming lead over other possible 2016 Democratic presidential candidates. Hillary has not said whether she'll run but a group of PACs and advocacy organizations have already started raising money and aiding the probable campaign.

Eleven points behind Clinton is Rand Paul then next in line is Florida Senator Marco Rubio behind the former First Lady by 13 points, 55 to 42. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is yet one more point behind that list, 41 percent to Clinton's 55 percent, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are all about 15 points behind Clinton, 55 to 40.

The final result should be closer after a long, tedious campaign.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush recently spoke at a rally in Iowa: "If I go beyond the consideration of this, my hope is that we will – I will run a campaign, if I get there, that will be hopeful and optimistic, and I'm not going to tear down my fellow Republicans. That doesn't help."

Photo: Potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Photo 2: Former First Lady, Hillary Clinton.
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