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It's Friday The 13th, Again

by Jake Dameron - The Oregon Herald Friday March 13, 2015    12:07 PM

Today is Friday the 13th, playfully, and sometimes seriously, known by many as the unluckiest day of the year.

Luck or doom depends on how people consider the idea. Who knows where the superstition originated, back to Biblical times? Since then, both the number 13 and Friday have had foreboding reputations for misfortune and bad luck.

Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus, has been labeled as ""the 13th guest" at the Last Supper. And I believe it was his son who produced the film by the same name. I could be wrong.

Many elevators and buildings don't label a 13th floor, the numbers notoriously skipping from 12 to 14. In San Francisco, the street between 12th and 14th avenues is called Funston Ave. They could have simply called it FRIDAY.

We call ourselves intelligent. How self serving is that? Okay, there are lots of intelligent people here on this sometimes lovely planet, not including myself because I thought for sure John Kerry was going to win the election for president in 2004. Instead we got another four years of Bush. That in itself says lots about our IQ. I can just imagine a Starship from another planet visiting earth (from a distance), monitoring our television broadcasts and internet tweets. They would surly either laugh until they dropped, or head quickly to another, hopefully intelligent planet.

My daughter was born on Friday The 13th and she's still alive and so are her three kids. Go figure. Those who believe simple numbers mean something special are either simple or too silly to consider seriously, or perhaps just having fun. That's my public view. For this I'm labeled an elitist snob. I am not a snob. Okay, perhaps a bit of snob because I often look for my time machine to get back to the future where I surly belong. My hope is that the future must have significant improvements but if you want to know what I really think, contact me personally. But not today, it's unlucky.

While many like me will laugh or lower their eyebrows in consternation about this superstitious day, others will remain hidden in closets surrounded by crucifixes and other mumbo jumbo, paralyzed by fear and will even avoid daily tasks or conducting business or traveling. I'd like to slap them a couple times.

In the U.S., an estimated 17 to 21 million people suffer from a fear of Friday the 13th, according to a study by the North Carolina Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute. And it's not just the movie that causes this kind of fear. I mean, the movie came out after the panic of 1227 when Fred Sillybuster told his wife the police were coming to arrest them both, not telling her he had just killed the mayor after having his way with the major's daughter, who, by the way, was born on Friday The 13th. So was the major, and the neighbor next door.

You get my drift.

So, it's all a bunch of fun, hey? Don't look over your shoulder as there may be something waiting for you, and for heaven's sake, don't drive today because a drunk driver may run directly into you because more people get drunk on Friday.

Icon actor James Dean died on a Friday, so did actor/director John Huston, as well as JFK who was assassinated in Dallas on a Friday for which I remember so well. And his son, JFK junior took his plane out and died on a Friday, unlucky for both JFK's. And then there's John Belushi, who also died on a Friday. All names beginning with J.

But perhaps the most notable person who died on Friday, was none other than the savior, Jesus. And did you catch the first letter of that name? W see Friday as lucky, perhaps not for Jesus, but for us. We even call that day Jesus died as "Good Friday".

This must be a sign.

So, okay, maybe it's not the day of the week or month that's important, but the name that begins with "J". My god, spooks everywhere, the whole universe is damned, waiting for us to make a simple mistake on a day and a number, or perhaps a letter for which we should never have thought, considered or walked upon.

Come to think of it, both my wife and I were born on a Friday. Okay, calm down. Scary? Nah, not for me - just superstition but it's still Friday, and it's the 13th, and, my god, my name begins with a J!

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