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16-Year-Old Boy Kills Entire Family Over Computer Use

Oregon State Media, Inc. Tuesday February 17, 2015    10:08 AM

CORBIN, Kentucky - 16-year-old Jason C. Hendrix was shot and killed Saturday. He regularly attended church, arriving early Sunday mornings to help set up in the movie theater also used for the church.

Hendrix had a 9mm semiautomatic handgun, two .38-caliber pistols, a double-barreled shotgun and backpack full of ammo. He seemed ready to kill someone or something.

It began as a standard traffic stop on Valentine's Day.

Driving alone, Hendrix failed to stop when a state trooper attempted to pull him over on Interstate 95. Police chased Hendrix and cornered him after he hit another vehicle at an intersection in Woodlawn.

"As officers approached the Honda Pilot, gunfire came from the vehicle, striking an officer," police said. "Officers then returned fire on the vehicle."

Alone in the car, Hendrix was shot to death.

Police found a handgun and other weapons during a search of the Hendrix's car.

"At a church youth meeting he had told them he had found his dad's guns," Corbin Police Chief David Campbell said. "He didn't say if he had them in the vehicle or not."

Kevin and Sarah Hendrix and their daughter Grace were found dead at their Forest Circle Drive home in Corbin on Saturday afternoon.

"All three were shot in the head at least twice," Campbell said. "A pillow was used to try to muffle the gunshot used on all three individuals. The pillows were still on their faces."

Police think the victims were gunned down late Wednesday afternoon, Campbell said. The father still had on his sport coat and tie from work. The mother was ambushed as she stepped into the kitchen from the garage after arriving home from work.

To the left, sister Gracie Hendrix was also shot to death.

Jason Hendrix took his mother's SUV, Campbell said. Police were uncertain why he chose to drive to Maryland.

The teen "was mad at his parents over the usage of his computer. They had taken his computer rights away," Campbell told the Herald-Leader.

"The mother had talked to a co-worker and told her that he was really mad about that," the chief said.

Another daughter, Elizabeth, who goes by Lizzie, attends Berry College, a private school in Georgia, Campbell said. "I had to tell her what was going on," he said.

Police in Baltimore pursued a vehicle with Kentucky plates Saturday until it hit another vehicle. The driver opened fire on Baltimore County police, and officers returned fire.

Kevin and Sarah Hendrix were beekeepers who sold honey at the local farmers market, and Grace Hendrix was a middle school cheerleader.

Drew Mahan, founding pastor of Forward Community Church, described Jason Hendrix as a faithful member of his three-year-old church.

"People want to ask questions. Why? How? I simply looked at folks today and said, 'I don't know," Mahan said after finishing the Sunday morning service.

Photo: Jason C. Hendrix will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. Photo from his Facebook page.
Photo 2: Feb. 15, 2015: Yellow tape surrounds a home in southeast Kentucky where a family was found dead. A couple and a young girl were reportedly found dead in the home on Saturday. Police are investigating to see if the case is connected to the shooting death of a young man in Baltimore on Saturday. (AP)
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