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Portland Named 1 of 10 Most Inspiring Cities for Photographers

by Lindsey Carlton Wednesday January 21, 2015    11:14 AM

For photographers, there's beautiful inspiration almost everywhere around the U.S. From the Grand Canyon to the Appalachian mountains, photographers have the opportunity to snap shots of some of the most breathtaking sights in the world.

With architectural aesthetics and nature in mind, here are the 10 most inspiring cities for photographers. Pack a bag, your Canon or Nikon and get ready to take some of the best (and most rewarding) photos of your life.

One of the best known cities in the northwest, Portland, Oregon is a city filled with awe-inspiring mountains, different cultures and a laid back mentality. If you're a photographer who enjoys taking photos of city life and unique architecture, then Portland is the city of you.

From Washington Park to the Oregon Zoo, Portland is a great place for photography. The locals and surrounding scenery will inspire you to capture the beauty of it all. Make sure you stop in Portland for a few photography sessions.

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Seattle, Washington


Nestled in the northwest, Seattle has so many inspiring opportunities for photographers. From Pike Place Market to the Space Needle, the streets of Seattle are filled with beautiful architecture that you'll love capturing.

And if you're a nature photographer, then Mount Rainier National Park is a great place to take photos of wildlife and the surrounding scenery. From every aspect, Seattle is one of the best cities for photographers to visit.

Portland, Maine


This small sea town is a great place for photographers to snap shots of small town life and the ocean. Settled on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, Portland, Maine features some of the best opportunities for nautical photography.

From historical architecture to the peaceful shoreline, photographers will fall in love with the scenery. Portland is a unique city to capture the beauty of the northeast while enjoying the small town atmosphere.

Honolulu, Hawaii


If you're a photographer who enjoys taking photos of exotic plants and animals, then Honolulu is a must-see destination. Situated on the coast of Hawaii, there are so many opportunities for capturing island life and the coveted beaches of Honolulu.

Apart from the exotic scenery, photographers will love taking photos of Hawaiian architecture and culture. Between the Pacific Ocean and everyday life, Honolulu is one of the most inspiring cities for photographers.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Known for its creole and French heritages, New Orleans is a captivating city for photographers. This city's historic architecture and infamous Mardi Gras celebrations make New Orleans a fun place to capture memorable moments.

If you're a photographer who is interested in snapping photos of everyday life, then this city is a great place to visit. New Orleans, a melting pot of culture and lifestyles, is a captivating city that will capture your heart.

Savannah, Georgia


In the heart of the South, Savannah is a quiet town filled with history and gorgeous scenery. The oldest city in Georgia, photographers will enjoy taking photos of plantation houses, southern architecture and ancient trees.

Savannah is a must-see city for photographers who enjoy small town life and a southern atmosphere. From Forsyth Park to Wormsloe Historic Site, this city is one of the most inspiring cities for photographers.

St. Augustine, Florida


Located in northeast Florida, St. Augustine is a photographer's delight. Known as the oldest settlement and port in the U.S., this city is filled with European history and small town life. Situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, St. Augustine has beautiful beaches to capture on your camera.

If you're a photographer who loves to take photos of historic buildings and beach life, then this city is a must-see destination. From Castillo de San Marcos to the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, St. Augustine is one of the most inspiring cities for photographers.

Newport, Rhode Island


This seaside town, nestled in the northeast, has breathtaking ocean views that you'll love to capture. Although this town remains relatively small, Newport is a beautiful city filled with picturesque, northeastern scenery and a peaceful atmosphere.

If you're a photographer who enjoys capturing pictures of rocky beaches, beautiful architecture, and locals. Between Newport Cliff Walk to the Marble House, Newport, Rhode Island is an ideal location for photographers to visit.

Anchorage, Alaska


On the northwestern edge of Alaska, Anchorage is a unique city filled with glaciers, mountains and native wildlife. The most populous city in Alaska, this town is filled with beautiful scenery everywhere you go.

If you're a photographer who enjoys capturing wildlife in its natural habitat and enjoy arctic plants, then Anchorage is the best city to visit. From the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to the Aurora Borealis, make sure you visit Anchorage to take some of the most beautiful photos.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Tucked away in Michigan, Ann Arbor is a beautiful town filled with farmers markets and serene scenery. The sixth biggest city in Michigan, this town is a perfect destination for photographers who enjoy capturing moments in the city.

From the Huron River to breweries, Ann Arbor is a great place for capturing culture, nature and unique architecture. If you're a photographer who takes photos on the go, then Ann Arbor will be one of the most inspiring cities you'll ever visit.


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