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9-Year-Old Vermont Violinist who captured hearts recovers after brain surgery

by Kristen Timbrook - The Oregon Herald Friday January 9, 2015    11:41 AM

BOSTON - 9-year-old Sophie Fellows whose friends from a Vermont music school traveled to Boston Children's Hospital to complete a holiday concert is recovering from surgery.

Sophie underwent surgery Friday to remove a brain tumor, the day after a concert at the hospital.

"When we were doing the concert, I didn't feel well, so I had to leave" Sophie admitted.

Sophie was to the doctor and diagnosed with a brain tumor then rushed to Boston Children's Hospital to get the tumor removed.

When her fellow musicians and their teacher heard about her pending surgery, they knew what they had to do. Several of them made the 3.5-hour trek to see Sophie, and ended up playing an entire concert with her at the hospital.

"It was really fun to do the concert," Sophie, who underwent the first surgery to remove the tumor the next day, told the Boston Globe. "And this made me feel great!"

Sophie and the other musicians performed in the hospital's recreation room for her family and friends. And while the 9-year-old said she had a blast playing for the crowd, her friends and teachers said they were more than willing to make the special moment happen.

"She's the sweetest, cutest, brightest girl," Carolyn Bever, Sophie's instructor, told the Boston Globe. "We all just wanted to be here for her."

While Sophie's tumor turned out to be benign, she has had a difficult recovery. According to the Boston Globe, the child spent weeks in the intensive care unit after one of her lungs collapsed, and she is now wearing a corrective eye patch for double vision issues.

But the young musician has already picked up the violin again, and is expected to return home later this month.

"I feel good after the surgery," Sophie told WCVB earlier this week.

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