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Workers Get Holiday Bonuses After Striking to Support Their Boss

Sandy Gilmore Saturday December 13, 2014    11:43 AM

An inter-family struggle earlier this year to wrest control of a grocery store chain from longtime boss, Arthur T. Demoulas, caused an uprising among workers who led a six-week employee walkout and customer boycott.

Market Basket loyalists won the fight and Demoulas, with his team, were back at the helm following an agreement in August to sell him the company.

But, after the fight, most employees gave up hope of receiving any Christmas bonus this year, especially because during the unrest the company appeared to be on the brink of insolvency.

Yet, Holiday bonuses for workers has been a tradition started decades ago by Arthur's father, Mike Demoulas. And "Artie T." wanted to thank his "associates" for their loyalty and for being one of the key reasons people shopped in the New England stores. On Tuesday, store managers handed out checks in more than 70 stores, equal to or more than the bonuses last year, sharing approximately $44 million of profit with workers.

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