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Happy Ending for Man Who Lost Memory, Became Homeless in NC

Tuesday December 9, 2014    7:42 AM

Charles Ray lost contact with his family in Fayetteville about 10 years ago. Later, he suffered a stroke that affected his memory and made it impossible for him to recall their exact whereabouts, reports ABC-11 News. Eventually he ended up homeless in Raleigh.

Lucky for him, the people at Oak City Outreach Center, which serves people living on downtown streets, encourage their volunteers to really sit down and talk to those they are feeding.

Shameeka, a social worker intern, did just that. She learned his story and used what little information he recalled to track down his relatives, who were overjoyed to hear of Charles' whereabouts.

Further service from the Center helped him get his disability checks straightened out and he is now off the streets and planning to spend the holidays with his brother, his wife and nephews.

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