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Justin Bieber Goes Platinum Blonde

Saturday December 6, 2014    7:59 PM

Justin Bieber surprised fans this week by posting a new shirtless selfie revealing that he has officially dyed his hair platinum blonde:

Bieber posted the pic of his new look on his Fahlo account, an app that helps connect communities of fans.

A source tells Us Weekly the 20-year-old singer got his dye job done at Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles. The insider adds the star hasn't dyed his hair in years — not since he was "like 11 or 12."

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The Biebs teased fans on Twitter, writing along with a link to his Fahlo account: "Left something for you on my @OfficialFahlo #blondebieber :) http://fahlo.me/justinbieber."

On his Fahlo account (a new Instagram-like app) Bieber debuted his new look with — naturally — a shirtless selfie captioned simply: "#BlondeBieber."

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