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2-Year-Old Girl Who Spent 22 Hours Alone in the Woods Found Safe

Thursday November 13, 2014    9:21 AM

A 2-year-old girl who went missing last week has been found, and though she's a bit dirty from playing outside, she's otherwise unscathed.

Officers found Brooklyn Lynn Lilly in the woods just after noon Thursday, nearly 24 hours after her family reported her missing. Brooklyn was last seen playing outside her home in Tawas City, Michigan, before she disappeared the day before.

After a cold night with no leads, a K-9 unit came across Brooklyn the next day, reports WJBK, and she was in surprisingly high spirits.

"It was a rough night, but the moment that she was found was something special," Jeffery Seyfried, assistant fire chief for the Tawas City Fire Department, recalled to MLive. "She was bundled up in her jacket and when the team walked up to her, she started giggling."

Seyfried snapped a picture of the adventurous tyke on his phone, telling The Huffington Post she was "a very happy little girl."

"I asked her, I said "Brooklyn, can I take your picture?'" Seyfried told ABC, "She looked up and gave me this great big smile and I said, "Thank you,' and she says, "I love the woods.'"

Michigan State Trooper Denis McGuckin and his K-9, Jax, found Brooklyn about three-quarters of a mile from her house. When the girl spotted the officer and his dog, McGuckin told ABC, "She ... lifted her head up off the ground and ... began smiling."

Other than a couple scrapes and bruises, WNEM reports a hospital check-up found nothing wrong with Brooklyn. After "eating a lot of pudding" at the hospital, she returned home to a relieved family.

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