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Dog That Disappeared 7 Years Ago Is Finally Returned To Owner In Touching Reunion

The Huffington Post | By Kimberly Yam Thursday November 13, 2014    9:11 AM

One unexpected phone call helped get this man's furry friend back.

More than seven years ago, Mike Nuanes' Shih Tzu puppy Jordan went missing. The dog disappeared from Nuanes' Denver, Colorado, home, and he did not expect to see the pooch again, but last month Nuanes' girlfriend answered a call from the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta saying they had found the pup, according to KUSA.

"When she asked, 'Is his name Jordan?' That's when my jaw hit the ground," Nuanes told KUSA.

Overjoyed at the discovery and anxious to see his dog again, the Denver man hopped on a plane and met up with his beloved pet in an emotional reunion late October.

"It was unbelievable to me that we were both as fortunate as we've been," the happy pet owner told KUSA.

The pup was first discovered to be missing after Nuanes and his late wife went out for breakfast one day, ABC7 reported. He set out to look for his dog, but there was no sign of the animal.

"When I didn't find him smashed, I knew someone had either taken him or found him," Nuanes told ABC7. "I put up posters with reward; never got a word."

In October, Jordan was brought to the shelter by a stranger who had found the pooch as a stray, KUSA reported. The pup's microchip was scanned and revealed that Nuanes was the owner. When he went to pick up his old friend, he found the pup emaciated with a host of other medical issues.

"Flea infested. He'd lost his hair. He was all matted up too," the owner told ABC7.

While it's unclear as to where the pup has been all these years, Jordan has since been brought to Nuanes' happy home, where he is joined by the company of four other dogs -- all of whom he has been getting along with nicely, according to the owner's Facebook page. He has also been to the vet and started gaining some weight, much to his owner's relief.

Photo: Mike Nuanes and puppy Jordan.
Photo 2: Mike Nuanes and puppy Jordan.
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