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Wind Turbine Noise Not Linked to Health Problems, Health Canada Finds

Saturday November 8, 2014    2:10 PM

A year-long $2.1 million study by the federal government agency, Health Canada, found no link between wind turbine noise and migraines, dizziness, or chronic illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes.

The expert committee for the study, which surveyed 1,238 adults living near wind turbines in Ontario and Prince Edward Island, included over two dozen government, academic and industry experts in various fields and four international advisers.

Another study on wind turbines and health effects, in Australia in March 2013, said that "wind turbine sickness" is far more prevalent in communities where the anti-wind farm activists have been active and appears to be a psychological phenomenon caused by the suggestion that turbines make people sick, according to the Toronto Star.

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