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Police Continue Search For Driver Who killed Three Trick-or-Treater Girls

by Sandra Blodget - The Oregon Herald Sunday November 2, 2014    10:48 AM

LOS ANGELES — he search continued Sunday for a male driver and passenger who fled the scene of a Santa Ana hit-and-run that killed three teenage girls who were trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Police searched Saturday for the driver and passenger of an SUV who left the scene after the vehicle struck three teenage girls trick-or-treating.

Police found a black Honda abandoned a short distance from the crosswalk where the 13-year-old girls were struck then on Saturday tracked the SUV to a registered address. The owner had moved.

The girls were wearing costumes when they were hit in the crosswalk near an elementary school about 6:45 p.m. Friday.

Two of the girls died immediately, and a third died as paramedics prepared to take her to a hospital.

Photo: ALEXANDRA AND LEXI PEREZ HUERTA MEMORIAL FUND VIA FACEBOOK Twin sisters Lexandra and Lexi Perez, 13, were killed on Halloween night by a hit-and-run driver while trick-or-treating in Santa Ana, California.
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