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DIDLOGIC.com - Review - Another Virtual Telephone Company Generating Complaints

by Gordon Grearson - The Oregon Herald Friday October 31, 2014    1:44 PM

Virtual DID numbers from $0.40 per month. Well, that's what they advertise. But the problem is that didlogic.com does not always deliver. A few readers have made several complaints mentioning questionable advertising and services not implemented after customer payment or services which did not work as advertised. These same readers who were or tried to be customers of didlogic.com, also reported confusion over attempting to communicate didlogic.com indicating their default language may not be English, a confusing website interface, or more often, ignoring customer questions or deleting customer accounts without comment when a question was asked.

I found at least some or all of this was true. An example is didlogic.com's Facebook page.

After posting a comment there, asking about negative comments from customers, that comment was quickly deleted. This happened more than once indicating someone on their Facebook page is waiting with the DELETE button to remove negative comments, or at least comments that are not positive. Another comment was left by another person, simply asking if such comments could be posted. That comment was also deleted without reason or reply.

It seems pretty clear what didlogic.com, apparently originating out of Hong Kong, is doing. They are purposefully attempting to hide each and every negative comment, complaint, review. While this may seem like business as usual, it is blatantly dishonest. Why would anyone in their right mind conduct business with such a company?

Have you ever feared telling the chief that the food was terrible and would you please warm it up? You might feel the same way askingdidlog.com ANY question. From what I can tell, they would rather dust you under the rug instead of dealing with you above board.

There are many such businesses on the net and I see no reason to select one where you may waste your money, get the runaround, and just generally waste time.

My suggestion is to avoid didlogic.com at all costs, find just about anyone else to provide your DID. Virtual local numbers, SIP, SMC,

DIDLogic is an exchange platform for origination and long-distance services. We are a neutral party; you connect with our vendors and pay carrier-direct pricing. Unlike thousands "cheap call" and "virtual numbers" sites out there, we are a true exchange.

Some of the areas high-end customers focus their complaints against didlog.com:

  • Linksys PAP2 ATA
  • Acrobits
  • Nokia E series
  • Freeswitch own CLI
  • DID not ringing
  • x-Lite for Windows
  • Linphone
  • Asterisk
  • Custom Asterisk CallerID
  • Freeswitch config
  • Siemens Gigaset A510 IP
  • Sip termination
  • Cloud SIP trunking
  • DID trading platform with SIP, PSTN, SKYPE, GTALK forwarding feature. requires premium grade PSTN connectivity
  • Verizon, AT&T, Cable&Wireless, Telef√≥nica customers.
  • TDM voice SIP trunking

Our readers also have complained about what they call didlog.com's lower voice quality and lower channel capacity, especially for businesses that need high-end action, or the single user dropping by for the first time. The biggest complaint seems to be that didlog.com does not seem to care about their customer base, new or used, that they are in the business only for the buck. Most of us have found that this kind of service or lack of service means one cannot trust didlog.com to serve most people for local, virtual, or DID telephone numbers.


A forum on dslreports.com, user N9MD reports:
"Browsing through a variety of google searches (and BBR site searches) for info on DID Logic produces a bunch of confusing information on this company. Even its ownership, management and physical location are unclear ... as is the country whose laws and regulations it operates under."

And this after DavidForward wrote: "I emailed DID Logic about the post I saw in this thread which said DID Logic had refused to allow a number to be ported from their service:"

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