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Don't Miss This Adorable Baby Bunny Taking Its First Bath

Tuesday October 7, 2014    9:32 AM

You cannot help but love this video. The baby bunny is simply adorable.

Though rabbits don't usually require full submersion in a tub, and spot cleaning is typically optimal, YouTube poster Bowen Smith points out why this bunny received a bath and the precautions that were taken taken:

Yes, her and her siblings (not pictured) were completely filthy and needed a bath. It should be noted however that cold bath water can very easily give rabbits hypothermia and measures should be taken to reduce that likelihood, preferably by measuring the temperature of the water and making sure it is between 101°F and 103°F (Average rabbit body temperature).? Paw Nation lists bunny bathing best practices here.

So, if you decide to give your bunny a bath, please be VERY careful to plan. Water should not be too deep and it should be the correct temperature. You might also consider having a platform the bunny can crawl upon to escape if too scared.

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