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Strangers Rescue Teen Driver Trapped In Flipped-Over SUV In River

Tuesday September 23, 2014    1:44 PM

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Three young men, ages 16 and 17, were in an SUV, speeding down a highway in Salt Lake City last Thursday, according to Fox13. In an attempt to avoid cars that were stopped at a traffic light, the driver swerved around the other vehicles and crashed into the Jordan River, with the truck landing on its roof, Deseret News reported.

"I saw it. The vehicle exploded in front of me right there, just pieces and parts. It's like nothing you would see in your entire life," witness Brian Adams told Fox13 of the wreck.

Strangers then jumped into the river, flipped the SUV over and helped save the teens.

"We have three teenage boys that went to the hospital. It would have been entirely different if those people hadn't been here," Lt. Brian Burvis of the Salt Lake City Police Department told ABC4.

When the truck crashed, a couple ran to the river and fished the passengers out, according to the outlet. More people started piling in the water to help save the teen driver, who was stuck behind the steering wheel, and had been underwater for a few minutes, KUTV reported.

The bystanders were able to turn the truck over to its upright position to get the driver above water, while the fire department was able to remove the teen from the vehicle, the outlet reported.

"Ten people jumped down into the water. Just bystanders that saw it happen, just flipped it over so that he wouldn't die," Adams told ABC4 of the effort to save the driver.

The three teens were brought to the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery, thanks, in part, to the strangers' teamwork.

"It was just very, very lucky," Burvis told Deseret News.

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