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Abandoned Baby With No Legs Becomes Power Gymnast, Discovers Miracle Sister, too

Thursday September 11, 2014    7:59 AM

Jennifer Bricker was given up at birth after she was born without legs. Fortunately, a pair of loving parents adopted her and taught her there were no limits to what she could achieve.

What the little girl wanted more than anything was to become a gymnast, like her hero, Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Moceanu. Bricker pursued sports — even baseball and basketball — with unending passion and fearlessness, and eventually became a champion in Illinois power gymnastics.

Already this story is a sensation, but what happens next is nothing short of an incredible miracle.

Bricker discovered her long lost big sister is none other than Dominique Moceanu.

(WATCH the 2012 story from ABC News's 20/20) – Story tip from Sally Meek.

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