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Good Deed by Singer, Shania Twain Makes Fan’s Dream Come True

Tuesday September 2, 2014    9:30 AM

A 34-year-old Halifax woman with Down Syndrome had a dream come true Saturday when, with the help of her parents, the Guardian newspaper of Nova Scotia, hotel executives who got her a room when everything was booked, and Shania Twain herself, she got to see her hero perform.

Shallen Jackson, who's been listening to Twain since she was a teenager, reacted exactly the way her parents expected she would when she got the news that she was going to a concert.

"She freaked out," Jerry Jackson told the PE Guardian Tuesday from his cottage in Nova Scotia. "She just screamed."

She and her parents didn't know it at the time, but Shallen would actually get to meet her hero backstage at the private benefit concert for Twain's charity for at-risk children, Shania Kids Can.

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