August 22 2017
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Wednesday September 30, 2015    10:30 AM
The anti-gay Oregon bakers who own Sweet Cakes by Melissa may be following the lead of anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis and defying government orders concerning same-sex marriage, Williamette Week reports.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, the bakers who have been made heroes by the anti-gay movement, were fined $135,000 in July as settlement for damages. After refusing to sell a lesbian couple a wedding cake, the Kleins started harassing them in the media, including posting their address on Facebook.

Though they have raised $500,000 from crowdfunding sources, the couple seems to be ignoring court orders to pay.

According to emails between the prosecutor and the Kleins’ attorney obtained by

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Sunday September 27, 2015    10:05 AM
Dance slithered into film like the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Some of the earliest filmmakers turned their cameras on the early 20th century equivalent of twerking. Created by dancer/choreographer Loie Fuller, the Serpentine dance was frequently chosen as a subject by cinematic pioneers like William K. L. Dickson, the Lumière brothers, George Melies, and others as seen in an 1895-1908 Serpentine compilation reel on YouTube.

Screen dance artists ever since have created expressive works using cinematic and dance styles ranging from surreal visual abstractions to strict narratives, using visual composition, lighting, camera movement and editing to create an experience that can exist only

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Sunday September 27, 2015    09:56 AM
La Grande, Ore.-based farmer Ken Parsons doesn't want to be an Oregonian anymore. He doesn't want to move either.

The Eastern Oregonian reports 72-year-old Parsons is trying to convince his neighbors—a lot of them—they would be better off if eastern Oregon and eastern Washington joined Idaho. In particular, Parsons says eastern Oregonians/Washingtonians are tired of being regulated by the competing interests in Portland or Seattle holding sway in those state's legislators. Parsons says his politics are more aligned with Idaho's.

"The environmental regulations that come out of Salem [Oregon's capitol] make it almost impossible to do my work," Parsons told the Eastern Oregonian. "It's a

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Saturday September 26, 2015    09:08 AM
This is a huge deal for a state that only has 100 megawatts of capacity. It is also important for high-efficiency, 72-cell solar panels.

"This portfolio represents a significant expansion of solar capacity in Oregon – a state that already boasts an impressive percentage of renewables in its energy mix thanks to hydro and wind, but one that has seen limited solar development to date," said Danny Van Clief, executive vice president, Coronal Development Services.

He added, "This is actually a portfolio of six projects that aggregate to 65 megawatts DC, 50 megawatts AC. Each project is 10 MW AC or smaller."

The press release specifically mentioned SolarWorld’s “high-efficiency, 72-cell

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Saturday September 26, 2015    08:58 AM
An Oregon Man and his girlfriend opened a Verizon Wireless account, which they used for one month of service. Nine months and numerous outrageous billing errors later, the man's bill from Verizon was over $2 million.

Everyone has had a dispute with their service provider at one time or another over erroneous billing charges. Whether it's for an overage we weren't notified about, a late fee for a bill we paid on time or just a computer error adding extra dollars to what we owe, it can be extremely frustrating attempting to correct the error with the company that made it.

Imagine how Ken Slusher must feel, then. After nine months of attempting to sort out a Verizon Wireless bill on servi

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Friday September 25, 2015    02:56 PM
New Steam game The Flame in the Flood just gave me one of my most brutal video game deaths ever.

The Flame in the Flood is a new survival "roguelite" with a long-term travel (think Oregon Trail) twist, born of an intriguing Kickstarter by a bunch of ex-BioShock developers.

Here’s the setup: It’s the apocalypse or something (probably), and water has swallowed up the majority of civilization. Ramshackle remnants that haven’t drowned have been reclaimed by nature. You raft your way down a procedurally generated river while coping with hunger, thirst, exhaustion, the elements, your feelings about the American South, and goddamn fucking cancerous eyesore devil wolves. It seems a little over

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Wednesday September 23, 2015    09:33 AM
NEWPORT, Oregon – El Nino and La Nina events may worsen storm severity and their erosional effects on more continents than just North America in the coming decades, along with more devastating flooding. This comes from a new set of findings from scientists working out of Oregon State University and the central Oregon coast's Hatfield Marine Science Center, who looked at data from 1979 to 2012.

Among the spookier and more far-reaching consequences of what scientists called these increased "seasonal water level anomalies" is that coastal populations around the world could be affected. Some general climate worst-case scenarios already look to the possibilities of millions of people being dis

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Wednesday September 23, 2015    09:14 AM
Ashland has a big, bad deer problem.

Boisterous bucks and disorderly does are reportedly picking fights with residents in this southern Oregon city of nearly 21,000, stalking the mayor, chasing a family down the sidewalk and – in the rarest of instances – stampeding a senior citizen in her carport.

"I think it's a problem," Ashland Mayor John Stromberg said Monday, "and that's why I'm doing this."

"This" is Deer Summit 2015, a televised town hall scheduled for Wednesday. Residents and politicians will gather to discuss the city's No. 1 nuisance: "aggressive deer and what can be done about them."

Conflicts between wildlife and urbanites are nothing new. A black bear holed up next

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Wednesday September 23, 2015    09:05 AM
HILLSBORO, Oregon - Deal struck at Solar Power International marks the largest single project agreement for SolarWorld in the U.S.; Panasonic to construct, own and operate solar facility.

The U.S. division of Germany-headquartered vertically integrated solar company SolarWorld struck a deal at last week’s Solar Power International (SPI) exhibition in Anaheim, California, to supply 65 MW of solar modules to a Panasonic solar project.

SolarWorld will supply its high-efficiency, 72-cell solar panels to Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Co., the division of Panasonic Corp. that is developing the solar facility in Oregon’s Malheur County Rural Renewable Energy Development Zone.

Shipment wil

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Monday September 21, 2015    09:38 AM
This recently recorded arrest in Austin, Texas shows the five stages of police deciding to falsely arrest a citizen who contacted PINAC News and wishes to be called "Rick".

The YouTube video’s original caption to the video at the bottom of this story says it all: “Bought a burger and pulled over to have a few bites. I suppose that constitutes probable cause?”

Fortunately, the citizen who identified himself to PINAC’s investigators as Rick pulled out his phone and started recording when the Austin cop approached the vehicle which had its window already down as the officer approached and Rick asked, “Why am I getting pulled out of my car?”

“Because you’re being detained.” answered th

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