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Tuesday October 13, 2015    09:19 AM
Story Every 15 minutes, poachers kill an elephant for black-market ivory, sometimes even sawing off the animal’s tusks while it’s still alive. Photo by Alamy On Monday, Oct 12, 2015, at a press conference in Portland, a statewide ballot initiative began to protect some of the planet’s most iconic animals – 12 different taxa, including elephants, rhinos, lions, sea turtles, rays, and sharks, all facin ...

Monday October 12, 2015    09:29 PM
Story ROSEBURG, OR (KPTV) - Eleven days after a gunman carried out a deadly massacre on campus, classes resumed at Umpqua Community College on Monday. It wasn’t easy, but 19-year-old Hannah Miles said extra mental health resources, prayers and community support made it possible. "The whole community turned out to welcome everybody back and it felt like coming home," she said. Mile ...

Sunday October 11, 2015    05:46 PM
Story A man in Chattanooga, Tennessee was killed after being struck by a train while saving his daughter who had become stuck on the track. WRCB's Michelle Heron reports. Family members say 31-year-old Justin McCary was looking for rocks with his daughter and niece along the tracks on this bridge on Martha Avenue in East Ridge. Around 2 Thursday afternoon, they heard the train coming. His niece g ...

Thursday October 8, 2015    09:51 AM
Story Three drifters have been taken into custody in connection with the death of a tantra yoga teacher, who was found shot to death on a California hiking trail. Steve Carter, 67, was found dead Monday on the well-travelled hiking trial in the Loma Alta Open Space Preserve just north of Fairfax, California, the Marin County Sheriff's Office confirmed on Twitter. Carter was walking his dog when ...

Wednesday October 7, 2015    12:18 PM
Story Farmers broke Oregon records over the weekend at the Bauman Harvest Festival with the unveiling of a 1,997-pound pumpkin. The pumpkin has earned the title for the largest pumpkin ever grown in Oregon, television station KPTV reported. "It's a year's worth of work," said winning pumpkin grower Steve Daletis. "You think it just starts with a seed in April, but we spend all year tinkering with ...

Tuesday October 6, 2015    11:18 AM
Story A 70-year-old businesswoman has been shot dead after using a mobile phone app which made her take a wrong turn into a favela in Rio de Janeiro, according to reports. Regina Murmura and her husband Francisco, 69, had been trying to get to a beach in Niteroi, Rio, when they accidentally entered the gang-controlled Caramujo favela on Saturday. Instead, it led them to another street of the same ...

Tuesday October 6, 2015    10:24 AM
My name is Ed Baker and I am a resident in Portland, Oregon. I am also a candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election. I was very disappointed by how our current President responded to the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College. Our President should have acknowledged the event and given his condolences to the family members and loved ones of those who died or were ...

Tuesday October 6, 2015    09:36 AM
Story (Yachats, Oregon) – Along one 20-mile stretch of central Oregon coast, don't be surprised if you're surprised – a lot. At the northern tip of Lane County, not far from where Lincoln County starts, things begin to sizzle. (Above: the main access at Neptune State Park). For a start, these can be exceptionally uncrowded little hotspots hiding in plain sight. While even the most hidden of beaches w ...

Tuesday October 6, 2015    09:32 AM
Story ASTORIA and HAMMOND — Do you have an appreciation for birds and want some experience on how best to see them? Or are you an experienced birder wanting to help with bird surveys? Here’s your chance to join Let’s Go Birding, a program of Oregon State Parks. Birding activities are free, and birders 8 years old and older are welcome (children 8 to 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). ...

Tuesday October 6, 2015    09:02 AM
Story Tackling the "hopelessness" of the gun-control debate in American politics, Seth Meyers dinged Republican presidential candidate hopefuls Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and Donald Trump for their response to the mass shooting at an Oregon community college last week. “All the data shows that the more guns you have, the more gun deaths you have,” Meyers said on Monday’s episode of The Lat ...

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