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Thursday March 6, 2014    12:19 PM
ULTRA HD 4K VIDEO Now Available For Consumers With Sony Handycam FDR-AX100/B 4K Ultra

Four times the highest HD video, the new 4K video is astounding and it is the future.

Seems like only a few years ago we were all wondering about HD. Well, we've traveled in our time machine and have arrived, thank you very much. The future is here and even though this may feel like an ad for Sony, it is not. I simply wanted to talk about the new camera so many have mentioned.

The FDR-AX100/B is Sony’s first compact 4K consumer camcorder. SmartReview previewed this model at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. It received more awards than any other camcorder, and is SmartReview’s top camcorder for 2014.



Wednesday March 5, 2014    09:20 AM
Twenty-five years ago, a mother and her baby nearly died in a car accident on a highway in California after being hit by a drunk driver. Passerby Shelly Cumley made sure that didn't happen.

Cumley, a Seattle resident, had been driving with a friend when they came across the immediate aftermath of the accident, News 10 reported. When she approached one of the cars, she found a severely injured Roanna Farley and her 7-month-old daughter, Nicole, in the backseat.

"I reached in and grabbed Nicole, she looked perfect," Cumley recalled to the news outlet. "I held her up to Roanna and said, 'Look, here is your baby she's fine, she's beautiful.'"

Cumley traveled to the hospital in an ambula


Wednesday March 5, 2014    09:17 AM
Chicago's Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) helps shelters, rescue groups and individuals pay the medical bills of homeless animals. The group is named after Trio, a little pup who, after being used as a bait dog, had her leg bitten off when she was just 4 weeks old. Although she was given a 10 percent chance to live, Trio beat the odds and made a miraculous recovery.

Now, TAF President Sue Naiden is giving more dogs another chance:

Many of the animals in TAF's program have never had a good day [their] whole life. They come in scared, confused, defeated and look as if they are resigned to a life of misery. When they are finally bathed, vetted and given the respect and love that they have al


Tuesday March 4, 2014    02:45 PM
A 14-year-old girl was struck and killed by a train after she was allegedly pulled into its vacuum while retrieving a dropped cell phone.

Jenna Betti, 14, was struck and killed by a freight train in Martinez, Calif., Sunday after reportedly trying to recover a dropped cell phone on the tracks.

"She dropped her phone and went back to retrieve it," her mother, Dena Betti, posted on Facebook Sunday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. "She didn't judge the approach, and the train creates a vacuum, we were told, and it sucks you in."

Three train operators reported seeing Jenna but were unable to stop the train in time.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Students at Mart


Tuesday March 4, 2014    09:54 AM
A 95 year-old veteran in full dress uniform came out to the street to encourage and cheer runners in an 8K race but his admiration was turned upside down when the athletes began spontaneously shaking his hand in a tribute to his military service.

San Jose Reporter Julia Prodis Sulek happened to capture the scene on video as Joe Bell became inundated with runners wanting to shake his hand.

The race was benefiting the Tillman Foundation, which provides scholarships for military veterans and is named for the NFL player from the California who was killed while serving with the U.S.


Tuesday March 4, 2014    09:51 AM
A Minnesota farmer thought as long as he was moving 4 feet of snow using heavy machinery, he might as well have some fun with it.

Greg Novak used all that snow to build a 50-foot snowman that was so large it needed an full-sized oil drum for a nose.

He named the giant figure 'Granddaddy', and positioned it to face the highway running alongside his farm in Gilman.


Monday March 3, 2014    09:12 AM
CRIMEA, Ukrain - Russia president Vladimir Putin probably cannot help smiling as he watches Russian tanks and armored vehicles move across Crimea demanding surrender. He may be laughing at Obama's threats of sanctions, believing president Obama will be ineffectual at best.

Russia issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian forces in the Crimea to clear out by 5 a.m. Tuesday or face a "military storm."

Putin's long range intention must be, at the least, to control the entire Black Sea region where he can maneuver at will in the entire area.

On the ground today, Russian troops controlled all Ukrainian border posts in Crimea, as well as all military facilities and a key ferry terminal, tightening


Monday March 3, 2014    09:03 AM
When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States in the mid-1990s, after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable "trophic cascade" occurred, effecting hundreds of other species.

Gary Wockner, a wolf expert in Colorado explained, "Willows grew higher and spread more widely, beavers returned and made ponds, riparian-dwelling plants and animals returned including songbirds and trout, elk carrion fed scavengers such as grizzlies and ravens, and coyote populations dropped resulting in more ground squirrels and gophers which in turn fed hawks and eagles."

The species remix that was created by wolves has also changed the rivers in the park.


Sunday March 2, 2014    05:31 PM
The story of the Himalayan dog titled "winter is coming" that went viral came from amateur photographer and 500px member, Sebastian Wahlhütter. We spoke with him about photography, that loveable dog, and the photo that bounded him into fame.

Hey Sebastian! Can you tell us a bit about how you got into photography?

I had my first serious encounter with photography 15 years ago when I looked through the viewfinder of a friend's analog SLR. This experience has gripped me ever since and I bought my own SLR a couple of weeks later. Parallel to my university training I took classes in Photography and participated in a one year photographic program called 'Photoakademie'. That was the beginnin


Sunday March 2, 2014    05:26 PM
Alden Hiltunen has been losing his eyesight for the past 25 years.

But two months ago, the 79-year-old man from Aura, Mich., had a telescopic lens implanted in one of his eyes, his grandson, Kyle Hamilton, told The Huffington Post in an email. The surgery, performed at the University of Michigan Kellog Eye Center, will allow Hiltunen to recognize facial details, read, and write, Yahoo Shine's Good News blog reported.

Though his vision is still fuzzy, earlier this week, Hiltunen decided it'd been far too long since he'd written his wife, Glenda, a love note. His message was short but sweet: "I love you, Glenda."

Hamilton, who posted a picture of the note to Reddit, told Yahoo that hi


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