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Friday March 4, 2016    11:18 AM

As educational video games intended for children go, MECC’s The Oregon Trail is already bleak in its depiction of life in 19th century pioneer life in America. After all, this was the software that made a pop culture byword out of "You have died of dysentery." But even The Oregon T ...

Monday July 2, 2018    02:20 PM
Story A family was out enjoying the snow in California’s Tahoe National Forest when suddenly, the unthinkable happened. Ten-year-old Samantha White had plunged into a giant 10-foot snow hole – and when her dad tried to help, she only fell in further. To make matters worse, they were told help from 911 wouldn’t arrive for at least an hour, said her dad William White. "Sammy’s screaming, ‘don’t l ...

Wednesday March 2, 2016    02:13 PM
Story How will Facebook incorporate its new Reactions into its news feed algorithm? (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) As someone who’s spent the past eight years working as a social media consultant, I’m a bit worried about Facebook’s new Reactions emoji–not from a business standpoint, but as a member of the human race. For me, the most troubling aspect of the new emoji options is that since 2006, Facebook ...

Saturday February 27, 2016    10:24 AM
Story In June of 2014, 45 people set out from Oregon’s coast to reach Yorktown, Virginia on a bike, and filmmaker Mike Dion was there with two video crews, ready to record the epic, 4,300-mile trip. "It’s a set touring route which cyclists were imagined to do in 60 days," Dion says, "but I think as soon as you have these set bicycle routes you’ve got some fanatics going, ‘I wonder how fast I could do ...

Saturday February 27, 2016    10:21 AM
Story A herd of goats have been relieved of their duties in Oregon for failing to live up to the city’s grazing expectations. Seventy-five goats were hired from a goat rental company by the city of Salem as a greener and more cost effective way to maintain nine acre Minto-Brown Island Park, which had become overgrown with invasive plants, the Statesman Journal reports. However the goats didn’t deliv ...

Thursday February 25, 2016    06:20 PM
Story LAKESIDE, California A 10-year-old California girl was fatally struck by a runaway vehicle while heroically pushing two children out of harm's way.

Neighbors told KGTV the children were playing in the yard on Monday when it started rolling. Kiera Larsen instinctively pushed two toddlers, ages 1 ...

Tuesday February 23, 2016    02:57 PM
Story BALTIMORE - A youtube video going viral shows Sen. Ted Cruz as a teenage high school student talking about his goals in life. He hits on the idea of "world domination" and being cast in a "tit film." The video was posted online Saturday by a YouTube account called "Young Ted Cruz." It's the only video on the account. Off-camera, someone asks Cruz, then a student at Second Baptist High School ...

Tuesday February 16, 2016    08:46 AM
Story Federal authorities faced intense criticism after backing down from their confrontation with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the rag-tag army of heavily-armed anti-government extremists who flocked to his cause in 2014. The feds’ cautious approach may have averted a bloodbath – they were outnumbered four-to-one — but it was also widely seen as having encouraged the self-styled revolutionaries to o ...

Monday February 15, 2016    08:29 AM
Story It's a safe bet that this home in the small coastal town of Newport, Oregon is the only one — here, or anywhere — with an armorial flag behind which the 10th Earl of Shannon marched for 32 years in processions. The late earl himself lived at this address with his wife, now the Dowager Countess of Shannon. She has listed the home for $399,000. Unassuming from the outside, the three-bedroom, t ...

Friday February 12, 2016    10:29 AM
Story GLENDALE, Arizona - Two 15-year-old girls died Friday in a shooting at their Arizona high school, police said. The sophomores’ bodies were found near the main building of Glendale’s Independence High School, Officer Tracey Breeden told reporters. A weapon laid nearby. Breeden did not detail who fired the shots, but said cops are not looking for a suspect. Officers called the shooting an "iso ...

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