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Wednesday April 23, 2014    09:58 AM
You know those lonely nights and weekends when you're left to your own devices and forced to entertain yourself? Maybe you ponder the meaning of life, maybe you tackle a creative project or maybe you -- wait, let's face it: You probably turn on Netflix. Well your dog faces the same lonely existential crisis and his solution is, naturally, solo fetch.

Hey, it's better than destroying your shoes.

We put together a compilation above of pooches tossing the old ball/stick around by themselves, and uh, to themselves. Watch one determined pup run a ball up a steep set of stairs and run down to catch it, over and over again. And then there are a few pups lucky enough to have an official contra


Tuesday April 22, 2014    09:39 AM
Large asteroids are hitting the Earth far more often than anyone realized, according to a new warning from a group led by former NASA astronauts. They say the only thing preventing a meteor from destroying a major city is "blind luck."

From 2000 to 2013, the B612 Foundation says 26 meteorites packing the punch of an atomic bomb exploded on Earth. They all landed far from humans.

The group's findings make one realize meteor impacts could be three to 10 times more common than previously thought, "CBS This Morning' contributor Michio Kaku, a physics professor at the City University of New York, explained.

Kaku, author of "The Future of the Mind," said that "a city buster" that could ta


Tuesday April 22, 2014    09:36 AM
If a teen carrying nothing but a comb can do it, who else could breach airport security and hop aboard the bottom of a plane? That's the question many are asking after a 16-year-old boy sneaked into the wheel well of a Boeing 767 and flew from San Jose, California, to Maui, Hawaii.

The city of San Jose, which owns and operates Mineta San Jose International Airport, is not planning to pursue criminal charges against the teen, Rosemary Barnes, a city public information manager, said Monday.

Immediately after the incident became known, many pointed the finger at the Transportation Security Administration.

While the TSA does play a part in an airport's overall security, its role is lar


Tuesday April 22, 2014    09:32 AM
The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled by a 6-2 vote that Michigan voters had a right to ban affirmative action in their state via a ballot initiative.

In the controlling opinion, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy stressed that the case was "not about the constitutionality, or the merits, of race-conscious admissions policies in higher education." Instead, the case was about "whether, and in what manner, voters in the States may choose to prohibit the consideration of racial preferences in governmental decisions, in particular with respect to school admissions."

The case, referred to Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, reviewed a 2006 Michigan ballot initiative that ame


Sunday April 20, 2014    11:04 PM
A 16-year-old boy from California hopped a fence at the San Jose Airport and snuck into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines flight, stowing away for a five-hour flight, FBI spokesman Tom Simon told ABC News.

Simon said the boy – who ran away from home – passed out inside the unprotected, unpressurized wheel well once the flight got in the air. When the flight landed at Maui Airport at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, the boy was still passed out, Simon said. He did not come to for about an hour.

Ground crews later saw the boy walking around the tarmac, Simon said. He was taken into custody and checked by a doctor and found to have no injuries.

The boy has not been charged with any federal crime


Sunday April 20, 2014    11:00 PM
Miss America Nina Davuluri visited Central York High School in York, Pa., on Thursday to speak about diversity. Patrick Farves, an 18-year-old senior, decided it would be the perfect opportunity to ask her in public to be his date for the big dance.

School administrators got wind of the planned stunt and told Farves not to importune the guest speaker.

But Farves went ahead with his prom proposal, presenting the beauty queen with a plastic purple flower.

Davuluri declined graciously, but school officials weren't quite so nice about it. They handed Farves a 3.5-day suspension, although it's to be served in school, where he'll have to work in one classroom with no talking.

The Tw


Thursday April 17, 2014    02:16 PM
As if 3D TV and LED LCD vs. OLED vs. plasma and 120Hz and the Soap Opera Effect weren't confusing enough, in the last year we have seen the rise of a new HDTV technology called 4K. Or if you use its official name, Ultra High Definition (UHD).

UHD is an "umbrella term" that encompasses higher resolutions (more pixels) than HDTV, as well as more realistic color and higher frame rates. Today and this year, pretty much the only one of those improvements available in new TVs and content is 4K resolution, so that's what we'll talk about here. Judging from the new TVs shown at CES 2014, manufacturers are tripping over themselves to bring you a new array of 4K compatible products.


Thursday April 17, 2014    10:47 AM
After 57 days in the hospital, 15-year-old India Brainard who has cerebral palsy got a surprise visit on Thursday from her boyfriend, Daniel, ABC News reported.

Earlier this year, India underwent a dual hip replacement procedure and femur re-alignment surgery in Boston. Her legs and one of her arms are paralyzed, according to ABC News.

India was supposed to be home from the hospital three weeks after her surgery, but ended up staying much longer than expected, and is now recovering in a hospital in New Mexico.

Her father, Donnie Brainard, planned for her boyfriend to visit her in the hospital, hoping to perk her up. He also caught the touching reunion on video.

"So if you could s


Thursday April 17, 2014    10:45 AM
A Southern California man and his wife have been reunited with something very special -- his wedding ring.

Greg Lindsay's ring slipped off his finger and fell in the Pacific Ocean while he was at the beach two years ago.

Recently, Jenn Birchim found the ring while she was walking along the water. At first she thought it was a bottle cap.

"I mean, I thought it was somewhere in the Pacific," Greg said. "There's no way I thought after losing it, there's no way it would come back on shore." Jenn recounts thinking, "Oh my gosh it's a ring! And then I was looking at it and read the inscription and I was like, 'My Love, My Life, My Lobster?' And in my mind I was like, a lobster fisherman.


Monday April 14, 2014    10:21 AM
MESQUITE, Nev. - A day after blinking in a showdown on the range, federal land managers pledged to pursue efforts to resolve a conflict with a southern Nevada rancher who has refused to pay grazing fees for 20 years.

Bureau of Land Management spokesman Craig Leff said the agency would continue to try to resolve the matter involving rancher Cliven Bundy "administratively and judicially." Bundy owes more than $1 million in grazing fees, according to the bureau.

"The door isn't closed. We'll figure out how to move forward with this," he said Sunday. He declined to comment on possible options.

Bundy did not respond to requests for comment.

The fight between Bundy and the Bureau of La


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