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Monday June 2, 2014    09:35 AM
Meet Goose, an adorable waterfowl who is clearly one lucky duck.

Goose's owner, Oliver Roberts, found the little guy trying to hatch out of his shell on February 11, in an animal park in Australia. Roberts, a worker at the park, heard chirping coming from bushes by a pond, and found the egg with a hole in it, he told The Huffington Post in an email. The mother duck had abandoned the struggling duckling and was with her other newly hatched babies in another part of the park.


Monday June 2, 2014    09:34 AM
Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald would never leave a brother behind, which was why he wouldn’t let anyone tell him that he couldn’t adopt the bomb-sniffing dog who saved his life.

While serving in Afghanistan, McDonald sent Layka into a building where she was shot four times point-blank by enemy forces. Though the resilient pup was severely injured, she managed to still subdue the shooter, protecting her handler and the other servicemen involved in the mission, National Geographic reported.

So when McDonald returned home, he was eager to adopt Layka, who had her front leg amputated as a result of her injuries. He faced a tremendous about of push back, as many veterans do in the process. Some


Saturday May 31, 2014    03:47 AM
Katra village, India -- Mourners sat on mud floors at a village in India where two teen girls were gang-raped then found hanging from a mango tree. They wailed and talked of fears of more attacks.

The assault on the cousins ages 14 and 16 sparked outrage in the community in Uttar Pradesh state.

Villagers streamed into the homes of the girls' relatives, weeping behind their customary veils. The mother of one of the girls said her daughter wanted to become a doctor to escape grinding poverty.

The attackers, she said, deserved the same fate that befell her daughter.

"Hang them in public," she said.

The girls cannot be identified by relatives or victims under Indian law.

In the


Thursday May 29, 2014    09:31 AM
Hollywood, California -- As Brad Pitt was signing autographs he suddenly had to jump sideways to avoid an apparent blow to the face.

Pitt was at the Hollywood premiere of "Maleficent," starring his wife and partner Angelina Jolie on Wednesday night, when a man hopped a barrier and tried to attack the actor, Los Angeles Police Sgt. Leonard Calderon said.

The suspected attacker is 25-year-old Vitalii Sediuk, a serial troublemaker at celebrity events.

Police did not say whether Pitt was punched or slapped, just that the attacker struck him in the face.

Sediuk was arrested on suspicion of battery, police said.

Sediuk has a history of confronting celebrities at red carpet events. I


Wednesday May 28, 2014    01:24 PM
A mom who relented to get a puppy after her children begged to bring him home a year ago, is thankful she did after the 15-month-old dog saved her family from a house fire.

The pup, a dark-haired Goldendoodle, began barking to shake the heavens and woke her at 4:00 a.m. just in time for the family to escape the raging blaze.

Another decision, to allow the kids to sleep next to the Christmas tree, may also have saved lives. The flames were engulfing the walls just below the girls’ bedroom.

“He really is a hero. He is the amazing part of this whole story,” Evelyn Janes said of Bear.

“I looked where he was barking and saw the dining room was really bright and when I looked out the d


Wednesday May 28, 2014    01:17 PM
Friendship is not just a human emotion. Animal BFFs separated during a rescue from a farm this month were reunited in Northern California.

Taken to different animal care facilities, after spending ten years together, Mr. G, the goat was not happy. He hadn’t eaten anything for four days — even when offered sweet treats. He missed his friend, Jellybean the burro.

Then someone had the bright idea that he might be grieving and the caretakers arranged for a shuttle to deliver his friend.

“We had never taken in a donkey before,” said The Animal Place rescue center. “But we knew these friends needed to be together.”

The minute Mr. G. heard him being unloaded, he leapt up from the stall


Tuesday May 27, 2014    10:14 AM
When Craig Armstrong met his cat, Millie, at an adoption center in Utah, it was a match made in mountain climbing heaven.

"She climbed up my back and sat on my shoulders," Armstrong wrote in an article for where he works. "It took about four seconds to realize we were now partners and would be going on many journeys together."

Millie accompanies Armstrong on his weekend camping adventures where they do a lot of hiking and rock climbing. From the looks of things, Millie doesn't have a problem keeping up.


Monday May 26, 2014    10:36 AM
Memorial Day is a time to pay tribute and remember those men and women who died while serving in our nation's armed forces. And just as families across the country today are honoring those who have served and made the greatest sacrifice, we are also reminded of those who are still in the trenches, both in war zones and here at home 

PEOPLE's ongoing series Heroes Among Us profiles everyday Americans who are going the extra mile to help neighbors and strangers, and the seven amazing men highlighted below – all retired from, or affiliated with, the armed services – deserve another round of applause for thei


Monday May 26, 2014    10:29 AM
CONCORD, N.H. — 99-year-old Jessie White in Bangor from Maine has just graduated from college 75 years after a $5 fee kept her from getting her diploma on time.

Beal College in Bangor awarded Jessie her degree during a special ceremony on Friday hosted by Alan Stehle, the college's president.

Jessie said the special ceremony was wonderful and a lot of fun.

Jessie was supposed to graduate in 1939, but couldn't afford the $5 transcript fee.

A friend who recently learned of her decades-old predicament called Stehle, who paid her balance and set up the ceremony.

Jessie White, a Maine native, received her degree in stenography and bookkeeping.

Jessie suffered a disability from a


Monday May 26, 2014    10:28 AM
Jamon is a self-described charming mini pig living the dream in São Paulo, Brazil.

Jamon's profile is NOT one to be ignored -- after taking a peak at just a few of his photos, you'll most certainly fall in love. And who knows? Maybe you can take a cue on how to live the good life from the handsome pig himself.

Here he is flexing those aviators and flaunting his new soccer jersey for the World Cup.


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