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Wednesday June 4, 2014    09:24 AM
The world's largest cat rescue, where more than 700 cats roam a 12 acre plot of land in Parlier, Calif.

Since its founding in 1992, the no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center has saved more than 20,000 cats and 6,000 dogs, not to mention the "handful of goats" who also roam the property helping keep the grass in check.

"I've always felt that, if they don't have a home, at least they have a life," said Cat House founder Lynea Lattanzio in an introductory video about the sanctuary. "To me, it's not a life if they're in a cage. They need to be able to run full speed and climb a tree. That's a cat."

Photographer Christina Gandolfo paid the sanctuary a visit in the


Wednesday June 4, 2014    09:22 AM
An abandoned street dog in China who lost her 2 back legs after being hit by a train still manages to get around on her front legs, balancing expertly.

She recently gave birth to 4 puppies while living as a stray at the train station. Staff at the station cared for them, but none offered loving homes. After a story in the Daily Mail, animal lovers around the world wanted to help.

The mother, Si Bao, and her surviving puppy have now been adopted by Animals Asia, an animal welfare group in China.


Tuesday June 3, 2014    10:08 AM
NEW YORK - Police launched a massive manhunt Monday for the madman who fatally stabbed a Brooklyn boy and who may also be responsible for the murder of a teenager in the same neighborhood.

Police described the man as a "heavy set" black male, approximately 6 feet tall, between ages 25 and 35, and last seen wearing a gray shirt. He stabbed a 6-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl inside an elevator in their apartment building in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn and fled, police said.

Prince Joshua "PJ" Avitto, 6, was stabbed in the torso and transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The girl was also stabbed in the torso and remains in critical condition, a


Tuesday June 3, 2014    09:31 AM
People with overdue bills have long complained of harassment from debt collectors, from late-night phone calls to frightening in-person visits. Now it appears the industry has found far more troubling strategy: Filing lawsuits against debtors -- often, consumer advocates say, on the theory that they won't ever show up to court to defend themselves.

The consequences are dire when the debtors don't appear in court. A judge can put a lien on someone's home, garnish wages, even freeze bank accounts -- all without a person ever getting a chance to fight their case. And at times, collectors file suit in error. Consumers interviewed for this story described cases where they were never told they


Tuesday June 3, 2014    09:21 AM
Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls are accused of stabbing their friend nearly to death in the woods.

The two girls allegedly lured a third girl into a wooded area in Waukesha, Wisconsin, over the weekend and stabbed her 19 times, police said.

The suspects allegedly left the victim to crawl to her own rescue. The three girls, all 12 years old, were friends, according to a criminal complaint.

A bicyclist found the wounded girl alive Saturday, lying on a sidewalk in Waukesha, Police Chief Russell Jack said. She was in stable condition at a hospital on Monday.

The girls were trying to impress a certain "Slenderman," the complaint read. One of the girls encou


Monday June 2, 2014    09:39 AM
Thousands of layoff notices have been delivered to teachers nationwide, but one fifth grader has inspired an entire school district to show their appreciation for educators with her unselfish act to try to save her teachers.

Jocelyn Lam, a fifth grade student at Camino Grove Elementary in California decided there was something she could do to save her beloved teachers: she broke open her piggy bank and delivered $300 to the school principal—money she’d saved over several years doing chores and getting good grades.

She also included a handwritten letter addressed to the Arcadia Unified school board and superintendent, saying, “I really hope this $300 will help save the teachers that a


Monday June 2, 2014    09:35 AM
Meet Goose, an adorable waterfowl who is clearly one lucky duck.

Goose's owner, Oliver Roberts, found the little guy trying to hatch out of his shell on February 11, in an animal park in Australia. Roberts, a worker at the park, heard chirping coming from bushes by a pond, and found the egg with a hole in it, he told The Huffington Post in an email. The mother duck had abandoned the struggling duckling and was with her other newly hatched babies in another part of the park.


Monday June 2, 2014    09:34 AM
Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald would never leave a brother behind, which was why he wouldn’t let anyone tell him that he couldn’t adopt the bomb-sniffing dog who saved his life.

While serving in Afghanistan, McDonald sent Layka into a building where she was shot four times point-blank by enemy forces. Though the resilient pup was severely injured, she managed to still subdue the shooter, protecting her handler and the other servicemen involved in the mission, National Geographic reported.

So when McDonald returned home, he was eager to adopt Layka, who had her front leg amputated as a result of her injuries. He faced a tremendous about of push back, as many veterans do in the process. Some


Saturday May 31, 2014    03:47 AM
Katra village, India -- Mourners sat on mud floors at a village in India where two teen girls were gang-raped then found hanging from a mango tree. They wailed and talked of fears of more attacks.

The assault on the cousins ages 14 and 16 sparked outrage in the community in Uttar Pradesh state.

Villagers streamed into the homes of the girls' relatives, weeping behind their customary veils. The mother of one of the girls said her daughter wanted to become a doctor to escape grinding poverty.

The attackers, she said, deserved the same fate that befell her daughter.

"Hang them in public," she said.

The girls cannot be identified by relatives or victims under Indian law.

In the


Thursday May 29, 2014    09:31 AM
Hollywood, California -- As Brad Pitt was signing autographs he suddenly had to jump sideways to avoid an apparent blow to the face.

Pitt was at the Hollywood premiere of "Maleficent," starring his wife and partner Angelina Jolie on Wednesday night, when a man hopped a barrier and tried to attack the actor, Los Angeles Police Sgt. Leonard Calderon said.

The suspected attacker is 25-year-old Vitalii Sediuk, a serial troublemaker at celebrity events.

Police did not say whether Pitt was punched or slapped, just that the attacker struck him in the face.

Sediuk was arrested on suspicion of battery, police said.

Sediuk has a history of confronting celebrities at red carpet events. I


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