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Sunday December 20, 2015    10:51 PM
A humiliating, never before seen mistake, at least in such a major event. The mistake was made by host Steve Harvey, causing confusion, disarray and tears after Harvey mistakenly named the wrong woman as the winner of Miss Universe 2015 .

Ariadna Gutierrez looked stunned as she slowly realized that she had no won, but had come in second. Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo from Colombia had already been crowned and was standing on stage to cheers from the Las Vegas audience when mortified host Steve Harvey returned to announce the error. In fact Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was the winner of Miss Universe 2015 , from the Philippines, as clearly stated so on the judges card.

HOUSTON, Texas - It just goes to show you that you can't always believe doctors at the Tomball Regional Medical Center in Houston, Texas, as well as their hospital staff, or trust Houston police to do the right thing. This may include Tomball Regional Medical Center Administrator Bud Wethington.

If not for George Pickering II, his son (George Pickering III) would be dead now, his organs all sliced up and used on other live people who needed organ transplants, that is, if doctors had their way. The doctors were ready to end the life of a perfectly good man, alive and breathing, and NOT brain-dead as they had so clearly and far too soon declared.

After receiving the news from doctors th

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Tuesday December 15, 2015    04:26 PM
GASTONIA, N.C. – A 19-year-old man has died after being pulled into a wood chipper on his first day on the job.

According to WSOC, 19-year-old Mason Cox was looking for work when he learned he may be able to help his cousin at Crawford’s Tree and Stump Grinding Service.

Saturday was his first day on the job.

Investigators say a tree limb became lodged in the wood chipper and Cox tried to make it go through.

Tragically, the wood chipper pulled him in, killing him instantly.

Jon Crawford, the owner of the business, quickly hit the kill switch and put the machine in reverse, but was too late to save the teen.

Crawford suffered a heart attack at the scene and had to be rushed

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Monday December 14, 2015    09:18 AM
OREGON -- The storm system may be on its way out of the Northwest, but it's not done doing damage.

The road leading to Morgan Kottre's house used to be a road, but now it's a cliff.

Kottre has watched the landslide on her family's property for the last six days. What started as a crack, caved into a crater.

Bob Flackus is Kottre's neighbor. Five feet from his front door is now a cliff. A week's worth of nearly non-stop rain in the picturesque part of Tillamook, Oregon, has left Flackus and his wife for 36 years, Dee, literally living near the edge.

Now his retirement home and six others are in danger of being destroyed after nearly 11 inches of rain fell in seven days, opening a

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Friday December 11, 2015    06:47 PM
Flash (USB) Drives will last a few months or a year or so, or less. They begin to breakdown quickly so using them for backup is not at all wise.

Standard hard drives, IDE, SATA, last longer but they also begin to break down in 4 to 7 years.

The new Solid State drives are great but they don't last too long, perhaps less than SATA drives.

DVD storage may last a few years if you're lucky. TAPE backup, as we use to use is a good choice but it can be clumsy and awkward to store and retrieve.

This is sad news for Hollywood film producers who want to safe their digital films costing a few hundred million dollars each. The won't late forever. Yes, then can be backuped and repeatedly on

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Friday December 11, 2015    12:32 PM
BATTLE GROUND, Washington - 36 homes and two businesses were damaged when a tornado touched down in Battle Ground, Wash. Thursday morning.

The EF1 tornado had wind speeds up to 104 MPH and touched down in at least two spots along its two-mile long path.

Residents and emergency workers are still clearing the mess caused by the damage, with power outages, damaged windows, floods, fallen trees, and debris scattered for miles.

"I never thought I'd see a tornado and my wife and I had hoped one day we would", said resident Tony Bakles. "But now I never want to see a tornado again. It was horrible, scary as all hell and we thought for sure we were going to die. It was worse than anything I

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Wednesday December 9, 2015    01:21 PM
Abdul Halim al-Attar, a refugee from Syria who was photographed selling pens in the streets of Beirut, is now running three businesses in the city after an online crowdfunding campaign in his name collected $191,000.

Al-Attar opened a bakery two months ago and has since added a kebab shop and a small restaurant to his business venture. He employs 16 Syrian refugees.

The photograph of the 33 year-old father carrying his sleeping daughter on his shoulder while trying to sell pens to passing motorists in the scorching heat went viral this past summer and touched people across the world.

"Not only did my life change, but also the lives of my children and the lives of people in Syria who

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Wednesday December 9, 2015    12:56 PM
A darling little girl in New York with burns over 75 percent of her body has only one wish for Christmas this year: enough Christmas cards to fill her aunt's card tree.

Two years ago, Safyre Terry lost her father and three younger siblings in a fire someone lit in the upstairs stairwell leading to her family's apartment. Safyre was found next to her father, who used his body to shield her from the flames.

In addition to suffering from severe burns, Safyre lost her right hand and left foot. She underwent more than 50 surgeries to graft skin over her burns.

Since her mother had signed over custodial rights to the state, Liz Dolder, Safyre's aunt, petitioned the courts to become her

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Friday December 4, 2015    12:15 PM
Four weeks before a set of hard-won water agreements in the Klamath River Basin of Oregon and California will collapse, U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, an Oregon Republican, published draft legislation to rescue the deal and prevent water relations in the contested basin from souring.

It is not at all clear if Walden’s bill will do the job.

Though it authorizes two of the three basin agreements, the bill does not authorize or provide funding for the removal of four hydropower dams on the Klamath River, seen by many as essential to the deal. The agreements, a model of watershed collaboration, were signed by more than 40 parties in 2010 and expanded in 2014.

Removing the dams will open 675 kil

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Wednesday December 2, 2015    09:36 AM
There are currently three appointed positions on the Oregon Heritage Commission that have expired or will be expiring June 30. Requests for appointment are now being accepted.

The Heritage Commission's nine members represent a diversity of cultural, geographic and institutional interests. The Commission is the primary agency for coordination of heritage activities in the state. This includes carrying out the Oregon Heritage Plan, increasing efficiency and avoiding duplication among interest groups, developing plans for coordination among agencies and organizations, encouraging tourism related to heritage resources, and coordinating statewide anniversary celebrations.

All Oregon resid

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