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Wednesday June 18, 2014    11:11 AM
WASHINGTON - A group of independent experts who prodded authorities to release satellite data on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, says it thinks it knows the approximate location of the missing aircraft.

Five separate computer models all place the plane in a tight cluster of spots in the south Indian Ocean — hundreds of miles southwest of the previous search site.

"We recommend that the search for MH370 be focused in this area," the group said in a statement late Tuesday. MH370: 100 days of very little progress

"While there remain a number of uncertainties and some disagreements as to the interpretation of aspects of the data, our best estimates of a location of the aircraft (is) nea


Wednesday June 18, 2014    08:52 AM
A Case Study in Maternal Mental Illness

Cindy Wachenheim was someone people didn’t think they had to worry about. She was a levelheaded lawyer working for the State Supreme Court, a favorite aunt who got down on the floor to play with her nieces and nephews, and, finally, in her 40s, the mother she had long dreamed of becoming.

But when her baby was a few months old, she became obsessed with the idea that she had caused him irrevocable brain damage. Nothing could shake her from that certainty, not even repeated assurances


Wednesday June 18, 2014    08:44 AM

WASHINGTON — American commandos operating under the cover of night seized the man suspected of leading the deadly attack on the United States Mission in Benghazi, Libya, the government announced on Tuesday, ending a manhunt that had dragged on for nearly two years and inflamed domestic and international politics.

With drones hovering overhead, about two dozen Delta Force commandos and two or three F.B.I. agents descended on the outskirts of Benghazi just after midnight local time on Monday; grabbed the suspect, Ahmed Abu Kha


Wednesday June 18, 2014    08:29 AM
A Georgia man who served ten years for manufacturing cocaine is being credited with saving a 15-month-old baby he found alongside a highway.

Bryant Collins, an auto repair man who says he has been free and clean for five years, spotted the girl crawling alongside a Madison County highway, east of Atlanta.

“I had seen something out of the corner of my eye, and I thought it was a baby,” he said. “I just stopped and, when I got out, there was a baby…almost in the highway.”

Collins waited two hours until authorities concluded their questions, and played gospel music from his iPhone when the baby cried.