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Wednesday July 16, 2014    09:50 AM
Michael Sulsona of Staten Island, New York, has not led an easy life. The former Marine lost both of his legs in the Vietnam War when he was 20 years old, according to WABC. Sulsona has since used a wheelchair.

Last Monday, his wheelchair broke in a Lowe's store in Staten Island, and he found himself in a desperate situation. In a letter to Staten Island Advance, Sulsona wrote that three compassionate employees, David, Marcus, and Souleyman, sprung into action and placed him in a separate chair while they worked on repairing the wheelchair.

"The actions of these three employees at Lowe's showed me there are some who still believe in stepping to the plate," the veteran wrote.



Monday July 14, 2014    10:40 AM
A yew tree that hunkers over a graveyard near a church in Wales is more than 5,000 years old, according to experts — making it older than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The church has launched a campaign to protect old yews throughout the region.

From NPR's London bureau, Rich Preston reports:

"The 60-foot-wide yew tree sits in the grounds of St Cynog's churchyard near Swansea in Wales. Recent DNA and ring-count testing shows the tree to be more than 5,000 years old — making it older than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

"Yew tree expert Janis Fry says she's confident it's Britain's oldest tree. She's been studying trees for 40 years, and much of her focus has been on yew trees. They forme


Monday July 14, 2014    10:35 AM
A cancer survivor who lost his leg to a rare form of the disease had his teenage dreams cancelled to one day become a cop.

Thanks to a thoughtful teacher, Kieran Maxwell was given a taste of what it would be like to ride with his blue uniformed heroes on Friday night when off-duty police arrived at his house to take him and his date to the school prom.

Kieran's unique transport to the school prom was organised by his teachers at the Hummersknott Academy in Darlington, County Durham, who wrote to the Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg to see if they could help make the night a special one.

Kieran said: 'It's amazing what they did for me and Nicole. 'I wasn't expecting it. It


Sunday July 13, 2014    11:29 AM
A female tech executive at Yahoo is being sued for sexual harassment by a former female software engineer at the company.


Friday July 11, 2014    11:17 PM
A hero cat saved its owners life by tapping on a next-door neighbour’s window when she collapsed at home.

Tomcat Slinky Malinki came to 48-year-old Janet Rawlinson’s rescue by tapping on the window of Mel and Stephen Sharp with his paw to raise the alarm.

Tomcat Slinky Malinki came to 48-year-old Janet Rawlinson's rescue by tapping on the window of Mel and Stephen Sharp with his paw to raise the alarm.

Former nurse and mother-of-one Janet, of Cornholme, Lancs, was drifting in and out of consciousness for five days after suffering a reaction to morphine she was taking for back pain.

But the normally aloof two-year-old cat saved the day and has now been nominated for an award at th


Thursday July 10, 2014    09:31 AM
Police are studying surveillance footage to retrace the last steps of a 31-year-old North Carolina high school counselor who was murdered last month.

Maggie Daniels, 31, who was single and lived alone, was found dead in her apartment on June 28.

Daniels had served as a teacher and coach and most recently, a counselor at Discovery High School in Newton, a 13,000-population town located northwest of Charlotte.

Newly-released images show Daniels wearing a T-shirt and pink shorts, shopping with a friend at Walmart hours before her death. Newton Police Chief Donald Brown said surveillance could help authorities fill gaps in the investigation.

“We’re trying to narrow down and develop o


Thursday July 10, 2014    09:28 AM
SPRING, Texas -- A gunman charged Thursday in the killing of four children and their parents was dressed as a delivery man when he arrived at the suburban Houston home where the family was tied up and shot to death, officials said.

Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, is charged with multiple counts of capital murder in the killings Wednesday evening, Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman said early Thursday. He also is accused of critically wounding a 15-year-old girl in the shooting rampage.

"I have not personally in 40 years seen a tragedy in one family that is this horrific," Hickman said.

In court early Thursday, prosecutors said Haskell tied up the family, placed them face down an


Monday July 7, 2014    09:44 AM
The prohibition of marijuana in Washington state fell early Monday as a small number of retail shop owners received an electronic copy of a license to sell just-for-fun cannabis.

Those 2 a.m. local time (5 a.m. ET) emails bang-started a scramble for the actual pot, now waiting in the warehouses of an equally small number of separately licensed growers. Exactly 24 hours after product orders are placed, per a mandatory waiting period, the owners will be allowed to open for business, launching a new experiment in the legal sale of a very old plant.

The cash registers are ready. The display cases are clean. But less than a day before the likely first retail sale of marijuana in Washington,


Monday July 7, 2014    09:33 AM

(CNN) -- Much of the focus in Cooper Mills Harris' death has been on Justin Ross Harris, the father who failed to drop the toddler off at day care.

The 33-year-old Georgia man faces charges of murder and child cruelty in the case, but authorities have repeatedly mentioned the actions of his wife, Leanna. She has not been charged with any crime.

Leanna Harris told CNN at the beginning of the investigation that her lawyer had advised her not to speak to the media, so not much is known about her. A More

Tuesday July 1, 2014    11:20 AM
Water pollution may be the leading worldwide cause of deaths and diseases, accounting for 14,000 human deaths daily. An estimated 700 million Indians have no access to a proper toilet, and 1,000 Indian children die of diarrheal sickness every day.

Some 90% of China's cities suffer from some degree of water pollution, and nearly 500 million people lack access to safe drinking water. In addition to the acute problems of water pollution in developing countries, industrialized countries continue to struggle with pollution problems as well. In the most recent national report on water quality in the United States, 45 percent of assessed stream miles, 47 percent of assessed lake acres, and 32 pe


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