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Wednesday September 17, 2014    09:11 AM
Some things must be lost for decades in order for us to appreciate their real value later in life.

That was the case for Pekka Nummelin, a carpenter born and rasied in Mekkeli, Finland, and his first car that he abandoned in the woods behind his parents house, 40 years ago. He originally bought the seafoam green 1967 Ford Anglia to help him get to and from his first job while still living at home in his early 20s, his son Tommi Nummelin told HuffPost in an email.

However, the car struggled through the cold Finnish winters as Pekka drove 20 miles each day on dirt roads. When the upper radiator hose came lose, spraying anti-freeze all over the road one night, he assumed it was leaking an


Wednesday September 17, 2014    09:08 AM
SEATTLE -- A woman in South Seattle got the shock of her life when she opened up her power bill this month and saw that she owes more than $2,000.

Linda White says she's used to seeing $20 power bills, so she thought the latest bill was a mistake. But she soon realized her $2,113.56 electric bill was not a misprint.

"That's a lot of money, and a lot of money I don't have," she said.

It turns out the meter on her rented home had been broken as far back as June of 2010, according to Seattle City Light. It was only recently that Seattle City Light realized the meter was stuck. Even the meter reader didn't catch the fact that White was being undercharged.

Seattle City Light averag


Monday September 15, 2014    09:04 PM
The two dogs in the photo below were dropped off at a central Florida animal shelter within a day of each other. They became instant best friends.

"They are still connected at the hip. They walk side by side," says their new mom, Ronda Chewning. "They even eat side by side."

Chewning says she'd never been involved with the animal rescue community before seeing the photo of the boys -- the tan one was called Darby at the time; the black-and-white dog hadn't been named yet -- on the Second Chance Rescue Facebook page.

It was the end of August, and the 3-year-old dogs' situation was described as "urgent." They were scheduled to be euthanized in early September if no one were to take th


Monday September 15, 2014    09:01 PM
Looks like George the goldfish will get to float around its pond and munch on fish flakes for much longer.

Over the past year, the 10-year-old goldfish in Melbourne, Victoria, developed a brain tumor, affecting its ability to eat, swim and even interact with the other fish in his pond, according to KTRK.

"[The] fish was having trouble eating, getting around, getting bullied by the other fish," Dr. Tristan Rich, a veterinarian at Lort Smith Animal Hospital, said according to the outlet.

Dr. Rich offered the fish's owners, Lyn Orton and Pip Joyce, the option of putting the animal to sleep or paying for a life-saving operation to remove the tumor in its head, according to the Herald Su


Monday September 15, 2014    08:58 PM
Off the coast of Bar Harbor, a humpback whale is finally free after rescuers took hours to disentangled the fishing gear so it could swim away.

The Department of Marine Resources arrived Saturday afternoon with the proper tools after a whale watching boat spotted the disabled whale. After daylight faded they returned on Sunday morning to finish the tail. The mammal swam away without injury.


Monday September 15, 2014    08:57 PM
An Oregon City family is calling their pit bull a hero after it saved an 8-year-old boy from a swarm of bees.

A group of children were playing near a creek and one of them unleashed a swarm of bees by stepping on a rotten log. Most of the kids got away but Jesse Shaver was being repeatedly stung and had trouble making it up the hill.

Fortunately, his dog Hades dragged the boy up the slope to the grass and, once there, let him mount her. “She let me crawl on her back and took me to my mom,” Jesse told Fox 12.

“I’m so glad we adopted her,” said Jesse’s mom, who was “astonished to see the dog dragging her son to safety.”


Thursday September 11, 2014    08:01 AM
he Oregon Public House began as a dream to bring the individual charitable experience into the social space of a community. They wanted to transform the solitary act of quietly donating to a good cause and give it some bravado — and some beer.

It took three years to renovate the building at 700 NE Dekum Street in Portland. Today the “family-friendly” pub, with its delicious-looking menu of sandwiches, pastas and salads, is open every day at noon. It serves as a “community center for change” with 100% of all profits going to a variety of charities on the menu — just pick your favorite.


Thursday September 11, 2014    07:59 AM
Jennifer Bricker was given up at birth after she was born without legs. Fortunately, a pair of loving parents adopted her and taught her there were no limits to what she could achieve.

What the little girl wanted more than anything was to become a gymnast, like her hero, Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Moceanu. Bricker pursued sports — even baseball and basketball — with unending passion and fearlessness, and eventually became a champion in Illinois power gymnastics.

Already this story is a sensation, but what happens next is nothing short of an incredible miracle.

Bricker discovered her long lost big sister is none other than Dominique Moceanu.

(WATCH the 2012 story from ABC New


Thursday September 11, 2014    07:55 AM
When Joe and Rhonda Meath of Bethel, Minnesota won the lottery, they decided to trade in a potential life of luxury for one that could benefit others.

The couple won the Hot Lotto Jackpot, worth $11.7 million last weekend. The brand new millionaires have no plans to change their lifestyles. They say they intend on maintaining their humble existence while giving a a large amount of their winnings to charity.

"I don't think it's going to change our life much. We just hope it doesn't change the people around us," Joe, a retiree, said, according to MyFox9.com. "We're easygoing. Laid-back. We like our family. We love dogs. We are just going to do what we do."

Rhonda, a waitress, says she


Tuesday September 9, 2014    12:28 AM
Tennessee authorities confirmed yesterday that the remains of a nursing student missing since April 2011 have been found in the woods in Decatur County.

"Forensic evidence shows remains found in Decatur County this weekend belong to Holly Bobo," the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted Monday night.

Bureau representatives did not immediately respond to a telephone message left late Monday.

During a news conference in Tennessee, TBI Director Mark Gwyn said the investigation into Bobo's disappearance and now death are not over "by any means."

Two men out in the woods Sunday morning looking for ginseng discovered a human skull and contacted the Decatur County Sheriff's Departme


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