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Saturday December 13, 2014    11:43 AM
An inter-family struggle earlier this year to wrest control of a grocery store chain from longtime boss, Arthur T. Demoulas, caused an uprising among workers who led a six-week employee walkout and customer boycott.

Market Basket loyalists won the fight and Demoulas, with his team, were back at the helm following an agreement in August to sell him the company.

But, after the fight, most employees gave up hope of receiving any Christmas bonus this year, especially because during the unrest the company appeared to be on the brink of insolvency.

Yet, Holiday bonuses for workers has been a tradition started decades ago by Arthur’s father, Mike Demoulas. And “Artie T.” wanted to thank hi


Saturday December 13, 2014    11:39 AM
This kindhearted officer's unique approach to enforcing the law meant helping someone who needed it most.

Helen Johnson, of Tarrant, Alabama, went to a grocery store last Saturday to buy eggs. The 47-year-old had been in a tough financial spot and found that she was 50 cents short of being able to afford the carton of eggs. Johnson says she was desperate, as her grandchildren hadn't eaten in two days, according to WIAT.

“I actually thought that if I didn’t feed those babies, they were going to die," she told the outlet.

So the grandmother decided to put three eggs in her jacket pocket, WIAT reported. However, the eggs broke and a store employee who caught her stealing called the cop


Thursday December 11, 2014    11:38 AM
It was Sunday, December 7th, 2014, exactly 73 years after the Pearl Harbor attack, when we drove to Carlton, Oregon and took Meadowlake Road into the foothills of the Coast Range Mountains, the southern section of the Tillamook State Forest. We soon passed the McGuire Reservoir as we had at least a dozen times before and the weather was cool, mostly dry.

We normally carry emergency supplies such as matches, flashlight, flares, extra food, water, gun, extra shoes, socks, heavy blankets, coats and extra long sleeved shirts, etc, and let someone know where we we're going. But today we told


Wednesday December 10, 2014    10:23 AM
Mary Ann Mobley, who was the first Mississippian to be crowned Miss America in 1959 and who then turned into a successful film career, has died at 77. She had been fignting breast cancer.

She made a name for herself as an actress in Hollywood and made her TV debut on Burke's Law in 1963. She later appeared in theatrical productions of Guys and Dolls and the King and I and even shared billing with Elvis Presley in both Girl Happy and Harum Scarum.


Tuesday December 9, 2014    07:42 AM
Charles Ray lost contact with his family in Fayetteville about 10 years ago. Later, he suffered a stroke that affected his memory and made it impossible for him to recall their exact whereabouts, reports ABC-11 News. Eventually he ended up homeless in Raleigh.

Lucky for him, the people at Oak City Outreach Center, which serves people living on downtown streets, encourage their volunteers to really sit down and talk to those they are feeding.

Shameeka, a social worker intern, did just that. She learned his story and used what little information he recalled to track down his relatives, who were overjoyed to hear of Charles’ whereabouts.

Further service from the Center helped him get h


Saturday December 6, 2014    08:07 PM
Residents of a small Clackmannanshire town have been speaking of their disbelief after the violent death of a five-year-old boy.

Police have maintained a high-profile presence in Alva since the child was pronounced dead at a house in Carnaughton Place on Friday.

A 32-year-old woman, believed to be the boy's mother, has been detained in connection with the death.

One neighbour said the area had been "floored" by what happened.

A report has been prepared for the procurator fiscal.

Another child, believed to be the boy's sister, is said by police to be safe and well. Neighbours said the family had only recently moved into the area.

Local resident Jean Blair, who was delivering


Saturday December 6, 2014    08:02 PM
WASHINGTON — As a young lawyer for the Watergate committee in the 1970s, Hillary Rodham caught a ride home one night with her boss, Bernard Nussbaum. Sitting in the car before going inside, she told him she wanted to introduce him to her boyfriend. “Bernie,” she said, “he’s going to be president of the United States.”

Mr. Nussbaum, stressed by the pressure of that tumultuous period, blew up at her audacious naïveté. “Hillary, that’s the most idiotic” thing, he screamed. She screamed back. “You don’t know a goddamn thing you’re talking about!” she said, and then called him a curse word. “God, she started bawling me out,” he recalled. “She walks out and slammed the door on me, and she storm


Saturday December 6, 2014    07:59 PM
Justin Bieber surprised fans this week by posting a new shirtless selfie revealing that he has officially dyed his hair platinum blonde:

Bieber posted the pic of his new look on his Fahlo account, an app that helps connect communities of fans.

A source tells Us Weekly the 20-year-old singer got his dye job done at Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles. The insider adds the star hasn't dyed his hair in years — not since he was "like 11 or 12."

PHOTOS: Justin and Selena — the way they were

The Biebs teased fans on Twitter, writing along with a link to his Fahlo account: "Left something for you on my @OfficialFahlo #blondebieber :) http://fahlo.me/justinbieber."

On his Fahlo accou


Saturday December 6, 2014    07:55 PM
New Orleans, Louisiana (CNN) -- Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu lost her Senate runoff race Saturday night, felled by the red tide that's swept the South and ties to an unpopular President that she couldn't shake.

CNN called the race for her Republican opponent Rep. Bill Cassidy a little over a half hour after the polls closed. Republicans picked up nine Senate seats this election cycle and will have control of 54 seats in the chamber next year.

Once seen as Democrats' strongest incumbent, Landrieu ended up such a long-shot in her runoff with Cassidy that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee cut its investment in the state, a move that Landrieu decried as leaving "a soldier on th


Friday December 5, 2014    10:45 AM
WASHINGTON DC - The total enrollment sign-up target for the Affordable Care Act met its goal Tuesday with 7.1 million people who have signed up on federal or state exchanges for coverage.

The enrollment period began in October with a horribly designed federal website and ended with a far too many people people turning away in frustration.

Obama said the program approved by Congress in 2010 -- with no Republican support and knocked every way they could muster.

Obama said it wasn't perfect and predicted more hurdles in carrying it out.

The overall goal of starting to narrow the gap between those with health coverage and those without it has begun, and millions


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